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UT2003 :: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> LiftCenter

This actor allows AI players (bots) to know where the center of a lift (elevator) is. In conjunction with LiftExit, this allows bots to know how to ride a particular lift.

See LiftCenter (UT) for the UT version of this class.


LiftCenter Group

name LiftTag 
Match this property with the LiftTag of the corresponding LiftExits.
name LiftTrigger 
The Tag of a Trigger.


Mover MyLift 
The Mover that this LiftCenter is associated with. This is what the bot will wait for at a LiftExit and ride to another LiftExit.
Trigger RecommendedTrigger 
Set to the first Trigger with a Tag matching LiftTrigger.
float MaxDist2D 
vector LiftOffset 
Starting vector between MyLift location and LiftCenter location.


Finds RecommendedTrigger.
Actor SpecialHandling( Pawn Other ) 
SpecialHandling is called by the navigation code when the next path has been found. It gives that path an opportunity to modify the result based on any special considerations. Here, we check if the mover needs to be triggered
bool SuggestMovePreparation( Pawn Other ) 
Check if mover is positioned to allow Pawn to get on.
bool ProceedWithMove( Pawn Other ) 
See if mover is at appropriate location/keyframe. Check distance directly, make sure it's close. If mover is not operating, get bot to start it.

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