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This is the hub page for anything about lighting in maps.

In technical terms, lighting is fairly simple: place many Light actors in the map, rebuild and the map is lit. Good lighting is an essential part of a map's atmosphere.


(UT stuff follows, needs updating & sorting)


Static Lighting

Dynamic Lighting

Obviously there'll be crossover from dynamics here.

  • triggered lights
  • worth mentioning here (and under sound too) the cunning trick of using TriggerLight to make triggered sounds that use a looped sound.
  • dynamic lights
  • Scripted Light Shows
  • the TriggerLight class spec
  • Movable Lights – How to make a light movable! By: ZxAnPhOrIaN

Lighting Effects

  • Bloom – lunticular halos in UT2004.
  • How to create (true and fake) fog
  • A Corona is a texture that looks like a flare and is applied at the light source. Its size is always the same relative to the screen. The effect often mistakenly called a "Lens Flare".
  • palette loop modulation
  • modulated light


Related Topics


Feel free to reorganize things, suggest new topics to cover and start new pages.

Sobiwan: We have Topics on Mapping and Topics on Materials as hubs, so either:

  1. this page should become Topics on Lighting
  2. those page names should be truncated
  3. they should all be renamed to something different such as topicname Hub.

I vote for #1.

odo324: Umm...

  1. Neh. Add that as a sub-title if you want, but the current title makes perfect sense. “Light” will give you the actor, while “Lighting” will give you a list info on “unreal engine lighting” in general.
  2. Dear Lord I hope not! Truncated names incur confusion. Complete words are easier to remember. Some people prefer to simply type the page’s name in the address bar, instead of mindlessly navigating through multiple pages.
  3. I ‘would’ agree, if was a series of articles (such as: How_UT2003_Weapons_Work), but it’s not. Further more, individual pages may have multiple places it could belong to. Adding some kind of suffix-title would be impossible for all circumstances. Regardless, it’s best to keep things simple anyway.

Do we need a “How to” page about creating hubs (like this one) for the Unreal Wiki?

Tarquin: See Guidelines On Page Creation.

OlympusMons: I think Lighting Topics would be a good name for this, since tarquin suggested changing the Topics on Materials page to Material Topics.

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