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This is the Unreal Wiki Log In page. If you are new please read "How this Wiki's Log In is Different". If you are moving from the old site there is a section near the bottom for you entitled "Moving from the old site".

Log In

Use this link if you already know how this Wiki's Log In works:


How this Wiki's Log In is Different

If you are new to this Wiki or to Wikis in general you ought to read this first, because there are differences from what you might be used to. At some Wikis, many forums, and many bulletin boards, you need to create a username and password to make posts. You use these to log in each time you visit the site. On this Wiki you don't need to create a username or a password or even log in. It is optional: posting anonymously is fine. You don't even have to have a username to create a personal page, but it is very helpful. We highly recommend you read "Why should I have a Username?" to see why you should consider using one. It just makes things easier for everyone.

Why should I have a Username?

Usernames serve a very important function. They appear in the Recent Changes listings when a user updates a page. This lets everyone know when a page has been updated and by whom. Do you want to know when an author updates his tutorials? Do you want to to know when someone has responded to your post or contributed something to one of your pages? Do you want to know when a page has been updated with the latest info from recent patches? These and many other ways of sorting data are all made much easier by people having usernames. Everything is still possible to track down without them, but would you rather hunt through dozens of anonymous changes page by page or simply consult Recent Changes to see what is going on?

Getting or having a username doesn't require an email address or any personal information! None of that is even asked for. Usernames are not even used for logging in. See "Roaming IDs" for more on this.

Setting your Username/Password

You can set a username/password by going to Preferences. You might wish to note your user ID. Note that this does not mask your IP on Recent Changes: try hovering the mouse over any name there.

Roaming IDs

The wiki system gives your browser a cookie with a user ID number. If you access the site from a different computer or browser though, or have cleared your cookies, the Wiki won't know who you are automatically. If you have a user ID and password though, you can tell the wiki who you are, allowing you to use your personalized settings including a username if you have one.

If you want to use your username and preferences across different machines and browsers, you'll need to Log In for each different machine. To do this you'll need to have your user ID and a password:

Question: Do cookies expire? Should we put advice to clear cookies on machines you no longer wish to have access if they do not expire?-Gith

  1. If you already have a username and/or password you can find your user ID by hovering your mouse pointer over your username on Recent Changes.
  2. If you don't, you must set up a password (and a username if you want) by going to the Preferences page. Note your user ID number (mail it to yourself or something). You can also use the hover method mentioned above after you have saved your choices IF you chose a username.
  3. Having a username is not necessary but recommened for reasons outlined above.
  4. On any other computer you wish to log in from, go to http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki?action=login and enter your user ID and password.

You will now be able to post as yourself from the new location, as well as use your preferences, etc.

Moving from the old site

(Unreal Wiki moved URLs around February 2002. This information is still here in case someone hasn't moved across yet, which is doubtful but possible)

  • If you know your ID number and password, log in at the above link.
  • You can email Tarquin for your password and ID number.
  • You can just go to Preferences and re-enter your name. You'll get a fresh user number.