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UnrealEd has build-in support for static meshes from Lightwave files, but not for meshes with bones and animation. So here is a tool to do exactly that:

Download: [1]

new version ! (6/3/2005)

-just a small fix to a small glitch with the resting position of the first bone, which could result in misalignment of model & bones in unrealed (thanx to PoLuX for pointing it out)-

The package contains two small tools:

  • lwo_2_psk – converts a .lwo and a .lws file to a .psk file
  • lws_2_psa – appends .lws animations to a .psa file


This tool converts a .lwo and a .lws file to a .psk file and an empty .psa file. The .lws file is required as it contains the reference-positon of the bones!

lwo_2_psk myModel.lwo refpos.lws
This will create a file named myModel.psk and an empty file myModel.psa. The .psa file can be filled with animations using the lws_2_psa tool (explained below).
The following restrictions apply when using this tool:
* Only triangles are allowed, no nurbs surfaces, etc.
* Vertex maps on the model must have the same name as the bone that uses them.
* Only one (!) layer will be recognized. This will normally be the last layer... but don't count on it.
* The maximum length of bone/vertice/surface names is 32 characters.
* 1 meter equals 1 UU (but you'll be able to scale in UnrealEd after importing).
* When importing to UnrealEd, use the Assume Maya Coordinates switch (or rotate manually).
* every Point needs uv-coordinates


This tool appends .lws animations to a .psa file. (It always appends and never creates that file. You can create an empty .psa file with lwo_2_psk as explained above).

lws_2_psa WalkF.lws myModel.psa
This will append the WalkF animation to the myModel.psa file.
Caution: The name will be exactly as given in the command line with the .lws extension stripped from it, so the command line lws_2_psa Scenes/WalkF.lws myModel.psa will create an animation named Scenes/WalkF!
The following restrictions apply when using this tool:
* Every bone of the scene is read out – do not have any additional bones in your scene!
* The position and rotation of a bone should be present in every "key" frame. If not, it will be taken from previous "key" frame (no tweening!).
* The frames-per-second "speed" of the animation may not be consistent with UnrealEd, so tweak your animation in UnrealEd.
* Interpolation between frames is linear in Unreal.

These tools were created and successfully tested against .lwo and .lws files created by Lightwave 7.

if you got problems see Lwo2psk/Error Messages, and mail me if you can't solve it on your own

Author: Christopher "Ntmy" Steglich ([email protected])