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This page will eventually describe how to make doors that have several moving parts. Many of the UT texture sets have door textures that are designed for this purpose.

Things to cover:

  • using a trigger to guarantee the parts open simultaneously. TriggerControl state is good for doors.
  • set sounds for only one piece of the door

It's generally easier to make the door texture fit your brush if you import the door texture you wish to use into the 2D editor while you are constructing your door brush.

To line up textures once the mover has been created:

  1. do Brush Context Menu -> Mover -> show polys
  2. for each side, select the polys, align them to wall / floor
  3. merge polygons
  4. rebuild
  5. do Brush Context Menu -> Mover -> show polys , again
  6. line the texture up neatly
  7. rebuilt again

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