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For UT, see Making Liquids (UT)


Fluid surfaces - Animated sheets used for fluid surfaces

(needs writing)

ProjectX: we could do with some screenshots for each tutorial showing each step, we could also do with bundling all tutorials that are to do with water into here, that way it is easier to navigate the site

ZxAnPhOrIaN: I will be willing to write a tutorial for water for UT2003

MadNad I wrote one a while back. It has more to do with creating a texture for water. http://madnad.com/UT2004/WaterTutorial The one thing I found out later ( and noted ) was that be sure to set your FOV=90 when taking the shots for your cubemap.

Foxpaw: I know for sure that I saw a tutorial on making water for UT2003 on the wiki somewhere, but I don't remember the page name. Yours (MadNad) was very good though, I like the description of making the cubemap, and the screenshots look very good as well. My only complaint with that is that having a clear reflection kind of spoils the effect if a person tries to see their own reflection in the pool.

MadNad: Huh? Should water not be translucent, or reflective? What do you suggest?

MythOpus: Well water can be translucent and reflective :P

Foxpaw: Well, I believe what has been suggested in the past (and is what's done by epic) is to blur the living tar out of the cubemap so that people wouldn't notice that they can't see themselves in it, while still retaining the "gloss". By clear, I was referring to the sharpness of the reflection, I'd say that it should definately be translucent.

MadNad I know for a fact the water is done just like this on antalus. However, at the time, I only had a geforce2 gts pro, so I could only use the fallback texture technique of antalus. If you use a fluidsurface, it distorts the reflection making it very convincing. Whatever floats your boat I suppose. Blurring the reflection wouldn't make me believe that I won't be able to see my reflection, I would just expect a blurry reflection. I did mean to go back and update it now that I have a better vid card, just haven't had time.

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