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Main Gametypes

This area are ideas for the main core gametpes.

Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch

Map Name Creator Theme Quick Description
Legacy:Map Ideas/DM-MtDoom ZxAnPhOrIaN _ EVEN BETTER THAN RIVENDALE ;) :) :P :D. A dark, fiendish hell with The Tower, lava pits, and deathtraps, from The Fellowship of the Ring!
Legacy:Map Ideas/DM-CluedoMansion Phoenix Cluedo Basically, a map with the cluedo layout, a ragdoll mesh in a basement, and six weapons, one in each of six rooms.
Legacy:Map Ideas/DM-Rivendale LegalAssassin _ Even better than MtDoom ;) A bright elvish paradise with water, trees and stone, also from LOTR.
Legacy:Map Ideas/DM-GrandCanyon ZxAnPhOrIaN _ The Grand Canyon in Arizona, but at a small scale, with the Colorado River in the bottom. The redeemer, ion painter, and the lightning gun will be on a near impossible-to-get-to butte in the middle of the canyon. You will use all five translocator charges. Also, there would be health up there also, and a water moat. (a little fiction, isn't that why the game is called Unreal Tournament??)
Legacy:Map Ideas/DM-Ascension NickR Ancient Eygpt A 1 on 1 Tower type map with multiple levels that you can ascend to when both of you have a certain amount of frags put together, until your at the top and you have to get each other off the edge! That hasn't been done before. Right? :/
Legacy:Map Ideas/DM-Ranma UltraN00b _ You play inside a giant rotating metal drum, the weapons are atached to the side of the drum and rotate with it. In the center of the cilynder there is a structure that rotates along with the level, alowing people to ride it up to the center where the super weapon is placed.

Capture The Flag

Map Name Creator Theme Quick Description
Legacy:Map Ideas/CTF-SpaceRing ZxAnPhOrIaN _ A space future-theme like the UT warp-zone portal test level, RingWorld. Tarquin's tourus builder would come in handy with this map!
Legacy:Map Ideas/CTF-Rivendoom ZxAnPhOrIaN _ Both places together!
Legacy:Map Ideas/CTF-Ascension NickR Ancient Eygpt A Two Towers type map with multiple levels that you can ascend to to get the flag. One tower for each team with a flag on top. Every time a team captures a flag the opposing teams flag spawns on the next level above, making it harder for the team trying to get it. :D Do I have good ideas or what?
Legacy:Map Ideas/CTF-Surfaced EnlightenedOne _ A level where a water zone portal is created so that you are forced onto the surface of the water like a pond skater and you have a tank either in a fish tank or a lake like theme with edges on the outer side of the lake and in the center between flags on oposing ends you have some land like a rock you would expect to find in a fish tank or an island in a lake which allows for some land action aswell as river dualing between pond like plants.
Legacy:Map Ideas/CTF-Sentinel Bob_The_Beheader _ A CTF that has a sentinel in the middle that's hooked up to a domination point
Legacy:Map Ideas/CTF-Asteroids NogginBasher _ I thought it might be fun to base a map around that old 2d game where there are space rocks flying across the screen. Set up some moving asteroids, and the FC must hop from one to the other to get home! I did make a prototype of this map.


Map Name Creator Theme Quick Description

Bombing Run

Map Name Creator Theme Quick Description Reserved To
Legacy:Map Ideas/BR-Colosseum ZxAnPhOrIaN _ The ancient Colosseum in ancient Rome like in the movie Gladiator


Map Name Creator Theme Quick Description
Legacy:Map Ideas/AS-SmashNGrab cigawoot _ Go down to a secure repository out in the middle of nowhere and try to steal a trophy out of a bank. And then fly off without getting shot down
Legacy:Map Ideas/AS-MinasTirith Cobalt _ Break into Minas Tirith using some explosives that are mounted on the door, then climb the terrace pieces with alternating staircases (one on the right, then the left) to get to the steward's chambers.
Legacy:Map Ideas/AS-Bone Island cigawoot _ Infiltrate the Bone Island Academy and try to secure bioweapons as Red Faction
Legacy:Map Ideas/AS-Citadel amitakartok Half-Life 2 Break into the dreaded Citadel, secure supply rooms, checkpoints, destabilize the reactor at the bottom and destroy the teleport at the top to cut off reinforcements from the enemy.

Mod Ideas

This area are ideas for potential mod ideas. If the mod hasn't been coded, maybe we can convert them into the Main gametypes.


Map Name Creator Theme Quick Description
Legacy:Map Ideas/AS-Island AlphaOne _ An island level like in HALO. The objective is to assault/defend some sort of structure in the middle at the top of the mountain.
Legacy:Map Ideas/AS-Medieval AlphaOne _ (don't know teh righ spelling) Assault a castle on top of a hill, which is surrounded by a forest, river, valley, and another mountain.

Cold War

Map Name Creator Theme Quick Description
Legacy:Map Ideas/CW-November_SinkSub LegalAssassin _ Two submarines, one deep sea base and a nuke ;)! (AS-OceanFloor with more bases spread out) Also, some Karma 2p Mini-Subs and 1p transport (you hang behind it) would be cool!
Legacy:Map Ideas/CW-Marquesas ZxAnPhOrIaN _ Rugged mountanous island (like Survivor 4: Marquesas) with the two shelters of the two teams as the missle silo and the tribal councel area as the missle parts respawn location.
Legacy:Map Ideas/CW-Bridge ZxAnPhOrIaN _ Like the Americas Army: Operations Bridge map with the two towers as the missle silo and the top of the arch in the middle as the missle piece respawn point.
Legacy:Map Ideas/CW-Sahara ZxAnPhOrIaN _ Desert type level with two oasis as the missle silo and animal bone wrecage as the missle piece respawn point.
Legacy:Map Ideas/CW-Mongolia ZxAnPhOrIaN This would be the rural highlands of Mongolia with the Mongolians nomadic yurts (portable houses like tents, but with better structure). The missle silo would be the Ghengis Kahn tent and the town center as the missle piece respawn point.

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