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BR4 is essentially Bombing Run with 4 teams. Actually, it's based more on Bombing Spree, as there can be multiple balls.

In order to access the BR4 classes, you may need to go to the Actors browser and open BR4.u.


Instead of xBombDelivery, you will use BombDelivery4, and set the Team value as usual (Green=2, Gold=3). You must use BombDelivery4 even for the Red and Blue goals, otherwise scoring will not work properly.


There are two additional types of ShootSpot: GreenShootSpot and GoldShootSpot. They work the same as the blue and red versions: place them where you want bots to shoot into the corresponding goal. The normal RedShootSpot and BlueShootSpot can be used in a BR4 map.


Use BallSpawn4 to place balls. Balls can be assigned a team number (0-3), or left neutral (255). If you play a game with the BR4 Team Balls option set to None, then all balls will be neutral; otherwise, they will be as you placed them in your map. You should of course have the same number for each team. Your map can have any combination of team balls and neutral balls. The limit is 8 balls in a map, but that should be plenty.

You can specify when certain balls will appear, depeding on the Team Balls setting. Set BombSpawn4->AppearForTeamOption as follows:

app_All Always appears
app_AllTeam Appears with Team Balls set to either Pickup or Scoring
app_None Only appears with Team Balls set to None
app_Pickup Only appears with Team Balls set to Pickup
app_Scoring Only appears with Team Balls set to Scoring

Notice how this is done in BR4-TutorialClassic. There are 4 team balls, all set to app_AllTeam. Then there are two neutral balls set to app_None. In BR4-Chrome, there are 12 balls in the map, but no more than 6 will appear at a time. It has two sets of team balls: Team Scoring balls near the center, and Team Pickup balls closer to each base. There are four neutral balls, two of which are set to app_None.

You can also use this setting to control which Team Balls settings can be used in your map, because it will be automatically adjusted to make sure that at least one ball appears. For example, if all balls in a map are set to app_Pickup, then the game will automatically switch to Team Pickup balls for that map.

Other stuff

Monitors, banners, and so forth are done as in CTF4.