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At the moment, FEBA can run all types of UT maps (DM, CTF, AS & DOM) as well as most Unreal 1 singleplayer maps (which are converted to teamplay maps at the beginning of the game) and probably a good share of all other particular gametypes and mod dedicated maps (still to be tested).

What that means is that if you are a mapper and wish to make a map for our mod, all you have to take care of is the ambiance of the map (please don't make it a modern-city or a Face ripoff). If you respect the simple rules of making map for the gametype you choose, it should work fine (although a few maps won't work with feba for some gameplay reasons).

Theme of the Map

Remember the FEBA storyline and settings. Most of the action takes place on a remote planet inhabited by powerful magic users. On top of that you have a human mercenary army attracted by the planet mineral resources who land and confront the natives.


  • Team 0 (red) is the havian base
  • Team 1 (blue) is the UETF Base.


Choose a gametype for your map: SinglePlayer, DM, CTF, AS, other... Remember that when playing FEBA all maps are converted to teamgame. Currently (as of release 2.x) all UT gametype are supported as well as unreal1 single player (in most cases) and UT mods gametypes (probably).

As an added value your map will be playable outside of FEBA as a standard map for that gametype!


When playing FEBA all UT items are suppressed (ammo, weapons, etc) and PlayerStarts are scrambled. If you wish to put in the map an item that shouldn't be delete by the gametype, you have to give this item the tag "FEBA" in its properties.

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