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So you want to map for Rocket Arena? (RA|UT)

Well it couldn't be simpler. Rocket Arena maps are the simplest most fun map types. The reason being that the game allows you to concentrate entirly on flow and eyecandy. No weapon placement or complex pathing. Just go wild and have fun.

One of the important aspects of a fun Rocket Arena map is that there should be few, if any, surfaces where one could get hung up on moving

forward or backward. This greatly aids in playability in that players can easily keep moving all of the time.

The only exception in RA|UT maps is that you need to add a tasty pellet actor (comes with RA mod) to your map or bots won't move. This actor simulates a pickup which gives a bot incentive to move. Without this no matter how well you path your map the bots will stay put till they see an enemy.

Here's a few things to keep in mind.

Flow: Make sure you keep in mind that there is no fall damage and people will rocket jump. This makes z-axis a very important part of the flow. Keep that in mind. At the same time tho don't make the height between levels too high. Peopl run out of rockets and then have to traverse thos levels on foot.

  • I'm not sure about how you handle arenas within a map... I know you make all arenas in one file and add an actor but anyway point is add to this/edit thi etc. I'll work on this over time but it'll be a couple of weeks before I can do that. I just wanted to get this started. OshadO