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Mapping For UnrealFortress

Im not gonna go into specifc Mapping right now, because the wiki is a great resource for that anyway. So this is just about the Differances from regular mapping.

Setup =

To start you need to be able to open unrealfortress maps / actors etc. There are a few ways to go about this.

  • Create a shortcut to unrealed.exe and add: -ini=unrealfortress.ini to the end.
  • Add the paths to your unrealtournament.ini
    • Paths=../UNF/System/*.u
    • Paths=../UNF/Maps/*.unr
    • Paths=../UNF/Textures/*.utx
    • Paths=../UNF/Sounds/*.uax
    • Paths=../UNF/Music/*.umx
  • extract UnrealFortress manually so it acts like a regular mod, (forget about the UNF sub directory just throw everything from /UT/UNF/System into /UT/System

UnrealFortress Specific Actors

"special" actors

Actor >> Info (UT) >> game_mapinfo

Controls a number of game settings.

  • The Command Point Scoring Setup.
  • The Model and Skin used for the VIP
  • Absolute and Percentage Class limits.
  • The Fortress Gametype
  • The number of Teams in use on this map.
  • The name of each Team.

Actor >> Effects (UT) >> effect_weatherGen

weather-generator, use for snow and rain

Bot related actors =

Actor >> NavigationPoint >> navpoint_defense

Like regular DefensePoint, Except can set Preferred classes for Defense at this spot.

Actor >> NavigationPoint >> navpoint_dispenser

Where bots place Dispensors

Actor >> NavigationPoint >> navpoint_sentry

The Navpoint_Sentry is special in that the bot stands on the Navpoint_Sentry and builds the SG infront of him in the direction of the Navpoint_Sentry arrow. You can configure the Type of guns the Bot will place on the SG in this actor as well.

    • Direction it faces is where the actor points
    • You can set a suggested Loadout for the Bot Sentry
Actor >> NavigationPoint >> navpoint_trap

This is an actor that tells a bot where to set up a trap. Under ‘DefensePoint’ set the team; under ‘Navpoint_Trap’ configure, if a bot-Demolitionist should place a Claymore and/or a bot-Armourer should place a LaserTripMine. Consider that LTMs can only be placed on walls. To make a bot place a LTM, place the trap-actor near a wall, the red arrow must point towards it.

Actor >> Inventory (UT) >> Navpoint_BotLove

This is a special actor for cases, that confuse bots, if normal triggers would be used. A perfect example is the laser-control switch in UNF-CTF-Depression, which can be activated only once in a few seconds. After it is activated, it ‘sleeps’ for the configured amount of time, during which it can’t be triggered. The actor in Depression was coded for the special purposes of the map. Bot_Love is a more general trigger made for such occasions. The bots understand, that while it is ‘sleeping’, it cannot be accessed and they won’t go for it until it is available again. Be sure to set the team-number correctly.


Actor >> Triggers (UT) >> Trigger >> trigger_class

class (and team) specific trigger (once only)

Actor >> Triggers (UT) >> Trigger >> trigger_detpack

Will trigger an event when a detpack is placed within a certain raidus of it.

Actor >> Triggers (UT) >> trigger_fear

fear-spots for bots.

Actor >> Triggers (UT) >> Trigger >> trigger_team

team-trigger, working for the specific team only

Actor >> Triggers (UT) >> Trigger >> trigger_PlayerCounter

Triggers an event when the number of players on a specific team is greater than the configured threshold.


Actor >> NavigationPoint >> trigger_ladder

Put in center/middle of ladders, make sure collision height covers the whole ladder

Actor >> NavigationPoint >> LiftCenter >> trigger_laddercenter

Put at the top of the ladder, ABOVE the trigger_ladder

Actor >> NavigationPoint >> LiftExit (UT) >> trigger_ladderend

Put one at the start and one at the end of ladder, just as for elevators


You are able to edit the amount of Ammo the Pack contains. The list below identifies the numbers refering to the various Ammotypes:

  • AmmoAmount(0) - Gel Ammo(doubles as flak for the SG)
  • AmmoAmount(1) - Shells
  • AmmoAmount(2) - Mortar
  • AmmoAmount(3) - Rockets
  • AmmoAmount(4) - Darts
  • AmmoAmount(5) - Gren 1
  • AmmoAmount(6) - Gren 2
  • AmmoAmount(7) - Gren 3
  • AmmoAmount(8) - Metal
  • AmmoAmount(9) – Buckshot

An AmmoPack can be teamspecific, i.e. only a player of the specified team may pick up this AmmoPack. Set bTeamOwned to True and set a number for ownerTeam, whereas 0 stands for Team 1(Red); 1 for Team 2 (Blue); 2 for Team 3 (Yellow); 3 for Team 4 (Green).

100 Armour

Parachute pick one up, and jump from the tallest building

This health-regenerating item has been specially designed for UNF. Though it's based on the standard UT Health, it differs much from it, since it replenishes a certain class' health only to it's assigned limit. If you'd use a standard UT medbox, it would give the player health up to 100 units, eventhough the ranger for example is limited to 50 units. As a result, always use the misc_medbox.

All Pickups can be set to be team specific, except the parachute

Gametype Specific Actors

  • Command Point
    • @@ Actor >> NavigationPoint >> deco_capturePoint >> deco_commandCapturePoint
      1. Set the Personal and Team Score
      2. Will broadcast an event on a Flag Capture.
    • deco_commandPointFlagBase
  • Capture The Flag
    • @@ Actor >> NavigationPoint >> deco_flagBase
    • @@ Actor >> NavigationPoint >> deco_capturePoint
      1. Set which team this capture point is for
      2. Set the Personal and Team Score
      3. Will broadcast an event on a Flag Capture.
  • One Flag
    • @@ Actor >> NavigationPoint >> deco_flagbase >> deco_oneFlagBase
    • @@ Actor >> NavigationPoint >> deco_capturePoint >> deco_oneCapturePoint
      1. Set which team this capture point is for
      2. Set the Personal and Team Score
      3. Will broadcast an event on a Flag Capture.

Notes / Special Unreal Fortress Commands


will display info on what a bot is currently doing. Very usefull for troubleshooting bot-paths

class sizes:

Every class in Unreal Fortress has a different Collision_Cylinder

    • Ranger: Height 88 Breadth 39
    • Medic: Height 86 Breadth 38
    • Marksman: Height 84 Breadth 43
    • HuntedB: Height 89 Breadth 39
    • HuntedA: Height 88 Breadth 39
    • Armourer: Height 87 Breadth 40
    • Arsonist: Height 87 Breadth 39
    • Commando:Height 90 Breadth 44
    • Demolitionist: Height 86 Breadth 48
    • HeavyGunner: Height 103 Breadth 55
    • Saboteur: Height 85 Breadth 37
    • The Jump-Height (how high someone can jump) for all classes is 48 Units.

Fog Zones: The marksman class can take the texture of the brush he is standing on. This works by using his shadow to pick it up. However, Players do not have shadows in fog zones. Therefore, it is advisable to not use them where a marksman can go prone.


Well Some of this may be a little out of date as most of the information here was taken from a thread that was written in an older build, ive updated what i know has changed so far. Hopefully this will be of help to someone. →Highlander

Some thanks go out to Azm0 who provided me with the as yet unreleased official mapping info so i'll actually start fleshing this out a bit. →Highlander

Will add full class sizes once i find exactly what they are →Highlander

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