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UT2003 :: Object >> Material (Package: Engine)
UT2004 :: Object >> Material (Package: Engine)

The superclass of all texture-like objects that can be applied to surfaces or drawn on a Canvas.

Any Material object can be created at runtime and used by script code (whereas in UT the attempt to do so crashed the game). You can, however, set up a Material's properties only once per frame before the Material is drawn the first time that frame; subsequent property changes remain uneffective.

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Material FallbackMaterial 
A fallback material. Automatically used by the engine if the user's video card cannot cope with a complex shader construction used in this material.
ESurfaceTypes SurfaceType 
Type of surface, see ESurfaceTypes.


The default texture.
Material DefaultMaterial 
The default material goes by the intuitive name DefaultMaterial.
bool UseFallback (transient, const) 
Render device should use the fallback.
bool Validated (transient, const) 
Material has been validated as renderable.


Reset ( ) 
Resets the material. The material class's Reset method only calls the FallbackMaterial's Reset method.
Trigger (Actor Other, Actor EventInstigator) 
Triggers the material. The material class's Trigger method method only triggers the FallbackMaterial.
int MaterialUSize ( ) [native] 
Returns the width of the material.
int MaterialVSize ( ) [native] 
Returns the height of the material.

Known Subclasses

   |   +-ColorModifier
   |   +-FinalBlend
   |   +-MaterialSequence
   |   +-MaterialSwitch
   |   +-OpacityModifier
   |   +-TexModifier
   |       +-TexCoordSource
   |       +-TexEnvMap
   |       +-TexMatrix
   |       +-TexOscillator
   |       |   +-TexOscillatorTriggered
   |       +-TexPanner
   |       |   +-TexPannerTriggered
   |       +-TexRotator
   |       +-TexScaler
       |   +-ScriptedTexture
       |   +-ShadowBitmapMaterial
       |   +-Texture
       |       +-Cubemap
       |       +-FractalTexture
       |           +-FireTexture
       |           +-IceTexture
       |           +-WaterTexture
       |               +-FluidTexture
       |               +-WaveTexture
       |               +-WetTexture
       |   +-ConstantColor
       |   +-FadeColor

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