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Category:Legacy Class (UT2003)

UT2003 :: Object >> Material >> Modifier >> MaterialSequence (Package: Engine)


MaterialSequence Group

bool Loop 
Whether the sequence should be repeated once it finished.
bool Paused 
Whether the sequence is currently stoppen.
array<MaterialSequenceItem> SequenceItems 
EMaterialSequenceTriggerActon TriggerAction 
What to do when the MaterialSequence is triggered.

UnrealScript-Only Properties

float CurrentTime (transient) 
float LastTime (transient) 
float TotalTime 



<uscript> struct native MaterialSequenceItem { var() editinlineuse Material Material; var() float Time; var() EMaterialSequenceAction Action; }; </uscript>

Material Material 
The material to fade in or display.
float Time 
How long the material is displayed or how long it takes to blend over from the previous material.
EMaterialSequenceAction Action 
Whether to crossfade to this material or to just display it.



Just display this material.
Crossfade from the previous material to this material.


Not triggerable.
Reset the MaterialSequence.
Toggle between stopping and playing the sequence.
Stop the sequence.


Inherited From Material

Reset ( ) 
Resets the MaterialSequence and restores the default value of Paused.
Trigger (Actor Other, Actor EventInstigator) 
Triggers the MaterialSequence according to the value of the Action property. (see EMaterialSequenceTriggerActon enum above)

Unfallzeuge: I just found out, that material-sequences only work on static meshes and NOT on brushes - (you'll see just a solid colour). Take care that the orientation of your polygons (of your mesh) is right, flip them or make a 2-sided material to show the material-sequence properly.

LionsPhil: Actually, if you get the camera reeeally close, it appears that the scaling goes all wrong in the game and you get many tiny repetitions of your texture (as if you'd set the scale to some very small number). Bizzarely, it's fine in the editor itself.

Fisholith: Solution! After playing around with the use of material sequences on BSP in a level, I found that if you scale them by x1024 they look exactly like a x1 scale normal texture. That is to say, whatever normal texture-scale you want a "Material Sequence" texture to appear at, (e.g. 0.5), just multiply that number by 1024, and use the resulting value to scale the material sequence texture (e.g. 0.5 * 1024 = 512). I hope this helps out. Take care everyone.