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  • Maya FAQ – Common problems experienced when using Maya to import into UnrealEd, with some solutions

Maya is a professional 3D modeling application created by Alias, now supported by Autodesk. You can download Maya 7.0 PLE (Personal Learning Edition) for free from Autodesk's website. Maya 4.0.1 PLE was distributed with UT2003 on CD#3 (see press release text below), but it's unclear whether a key will be issued for this older version. Note that UT2004 comes with Maya 5.0 PLE in the "\CD6\Extras" directory on the DVD.

Note: Maya PLE is for NT-based versions of Windows only. This means is only runs under Windows NT 4, 2000 and XP. For other applications that work under Windows 98/ME see Topics on Modeling.


(PlaceHolder Tutorial Organisation)

  • Part I - Building A Polygonal Mesh In Maya
  • Part II - Quick Look At Creating Materials Using Maya's Hypershade, Assigning Textures and Basic Planar/Cylindrical/Automatic Mapping
  • Part III - Basic Lighting and Baking Lightmaps For Shadows
  • Part IV - ActorX for Maya and Exporting Basics
  • Part V - Animation Basics

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