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Mod Authoring for Unreal Tournament

This page and its subpages make up a document by Brandon Reinhart. The Unreal Wiki has been granted permission to host it. Please don't make any edits to these pages other than basic formatting of the text: write on Making Mods instead. Note that this document dates from the early days of UT, so some elements of it may be dated. Especially the class definitions with expands and the Mutator class described in this document will not work correctly in UT2003.

Brandon Reinhart
Epic Games, Inc.
[email protected]

Last Updated: 12/08/1999


Winds and storms, embrace us now,
Lay waste the light of day,
Open gates to darker lands
We spread our wings and fly away.

Emperor, Alsvartr (The Oath)

Writing mods for the Unreal engine can be an extremely rewarding task. In the current state of the games industry, there is little better a way for a skilled programmer to show the world what he is capable of. This document is intended to give interested mod authors the information they need to write a successful mod for the Unreal engine. I will include technical information as well as pointers on mod development. If you work hard, you can get some fun stuff done through mod authoring.