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Mod Ideas For UT 2003 – Mercury Missile InstaGib


The idea behind this mod originates from the mod Rockets UT.

The basic concept is that all players have a special rocket launcher that fires high-speed rockets. These rockets can penetrate unprotected opponents and even do headshots. (Not really important in the InstaGib version.)

The Rocket Launcher

Primary Mode 
Fires a single Mercury Missile.
Secondary Mode 
Activates zoom. The zoom mode can be configured:
Instant Zoom 
If enabled, pressing the alt fire button zooms in, releasing it zooms out. Otherwise pressing the alt fire button toggles zoom.
Automatic Zoom Level 
If enabled, the zoom level will be selected automatically, otherwise in instant zoom mode the zoom FOV is 30 and in toggle zoom mode the zoom works like the one of the Lightning Gun or the Zoom InstaGib Shockrifle.

The Missile

  • can penetrate opponents when it travels at a higher speed (>5000) and the opponent doesn't have a shield
  • can do headshots
  • has a small splash area (the damage in that area can be turned off and will always be deactivated in InstaGib mode)
  • has a high momentum transfer for direct hits, but only a medium momentum transfer for splash hits

The Mutators

The mod comes with two mutators:

Mercury InstaGib 
A configurable arena mutator. The options are InstaGib Mode, Unlimited Ammo, No Splash Damage and No Zoom.
Mercury Missiles 
Replaces only the rocketlauncher with the Mrcury Missile Launcher. Options are No Splash Damage and No Zoom.

The arena mutator might also get an option for keeping the shield gun. The Translocator is always allowed.

Interested Scripters

If you are interested in developing this mod for UT2003 then add your name to the list. Once you start development you should indicate that below (and hopefully include a link to a journal page). Before you start development you should also check this section to see if anyone else has started.

  • Wormbo – Work is finished, you may now start downloading... ;)
  • Eldhrin – I've got a simple Rocket InstaGib mutator going which just converts all rockets to instant-kill, but it'd be nice to do something a little more interesting with it.


ZxAnPhOrIaN: I really like the RocketsUT weap mod for UT! The auto zoom level should have a keybinding, not regular alt fire. I would find it irritating seeing it go in and go out. Also, what if someone is fixed on me while i cant see him because he is out of my field of view.

Wormbo: I made the zoom quickly go to a FOV of 30, that's ok most of the time. The whole mutator already works quite well, and is even compatible to the Missile Cam mutator I wrote. (see "Spare Parts" on my wiki page)

Eldhrin: No doubt you don't need me at all, but I'm interested nonetheless due to the similarities with my own Rocket InstaGib mutator.

Wormbo: Hmm, I'm a bit stuck with the zoom scope, well not the functionality, but the HUD overlays for it. However, I have an idea for the automatic zoom level. The zoom level could be decided based on the target distance when starting the zoom. Changing the zoom level would be a matter of shortly releasing altfire and pressing it again.

RegularX: There's a sniper mute for UT somewhere that apparently had an excellent autozoom. I'm planning on adding an autoscope as an weapon upgrade in FHNG. My assumption was the same, that zoom level would alter based on a successful trace to towards the distance of the target (if the trace hits a pawn). Tweaking it to feel natural would probably be the hardest part.

Wormbo: Some updates about my progress with this mod. I'm almost done, only the zoom HUD requires some more ideas. Currently it looks like this:


I think my solution for the zoom mode is flexible enough to provide the right handling for everyone. It can be configured in-game by holding the alt fire button and pressing function keys. The two main options actually make up four different modes:

  1. Zoom in to an automatically selected FOV. Zoom out when alt fire is released.
  2. Zoom in to a fixed FOV of 30. Zoom out when alt fire is released.
  3. Zoom in to an automatically selected FOV and adjust the FOV based on the current target. Zoom out when alt fire is pressed again.
  4. Zoom in until alt fire is released or maximum zoom level is reached. Zoom out when alt fire is pressed again.