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Triple Domination is essentially Double Domination with a third control point. Scoring would work as in Flag Domination:

  • Control two points for 10 seconds to score a point.
  • If you control all three points when the countdown ends, you get 2 points instead of 1.

Timed scoring, as in original UT Domination, would also be an option. The scoring interval should be adjustable, so you can have 1 second like the original, or 10 seconds. I think a higher interval could be more fun.

The game could work on various types of maps, with rules for placing the 3 control points:

  • DOM - Use the existing two points, and find a suitable PathNode in the center for the third.
  • CTF - Use the flag bases for the first two, and again place the third in the middle.
  • BR - Each goal is a control point, and the third replaces the ball's spawning point.
  • DM - Three PathNodes are chosen at random.
  • TDOM - Custom maps have the three points placed explicitly.

It wouldn't be all that hard to code, although it would need a "C" mesh for the third point.

Cool points of this game type:

  • It will work with a wide variety of maps.
  • More control points would probably mean less people camping on a single control point. Your team is spread more thinly, and it's not as far between points.
  • It would work better as a 4-team game. Four teams fighting over two points would take forever to score.


Wormbo: Hmm, BR maps might not work too well. Many goals are in difficult to hold areas. In BR-Anubis you wouldn't even be able to touch the outer points without killing yourself.

Uncommon: Yeah, in some cases claiming a point means suicide. I guess you just have to make sure there are no enemies nearby first :) I suppose you could also give it a list of maps where the BR goal is guaranteed suicide and have it bounce players back out so they can have a chance to land safely.

Haral: You know, I find this mod idea to be silly. Once you've worked your way up to three, you might as well just allow for any number of control points. It's not that hard anyway.

Uncommon: Actually having more than three would make a big difference, since then you could have both teams dominating at once. So I don't think it would be silly until you got to four or more.

Uncommon: Now that Classic Domination is out, I'm tempted to write this to work on cDOM maps.