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Mapping For Monster Arena

Taken From The Creators Website (Now Down)

Tips For Creating a Succesful MA map

  • The same rules that apply to Monster Hunt maps apply to Monster Arena maps as well, but there are a few more things to keep in mind:
  • Make sure you create a small protected area somewhere in the map that the players can safely spawn in, you can even seal it off by using a door.
  • You should provide the players with some guns in the protected area but don't give them too many and make sure the weapons suit the arena and the monster to be killed.
  • Place as much health and ammo around the arena as you like.
  • Give the players lots of place to move in, and make sure the boss can't get stuck anywhere.
  • Place a MonsterArenaEnd trigger in the map (found in the classes browser: Triggers -> Trigger -> MonsterEnd -> MonsterArenaEnd) and set an Event for the boss and set the Tag of the MonsterArenaEnd to corrospond with the boss' Event. (IMPORTANT! - Make sure you add the trigger in the centre of the map using the Top View)

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