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This is the main page for anything about movers.



There's a ton of stuff to cover here. Here's a rough list of things to cover. Feel free to add to it, or start a topic, or re-arrange stuff here.

Basic Tutorial

This tutorial should be able to guide a beginner through the steps involved in making a mover. If it doesn't, please improve it.

  1. Create A Mover – Making the mover shape and adding it
  2. Keyframe – Setting keyframes for a mover
  3. Activating a mover – Triggering, movement types and move times

Moving On

Specifics like using the ElevatorMover can maybe go under the class definition?

Multi-Component Stuff

Custom Movers

Bots and Movers

Related Topics

External Links


LionsPhil: Mention should probably be made somewhere that, for things like fans, setting Movement.bFixedRotationDir to true, Object.IntialState to None, and setting up a Movement.RotationRate (Unreal rotation units per second, so try powers of two in the thousands) is a lot easier than keyframe-based movement. Especially as it avoids the "rewinding" you'll get from ConstantLoop.

Spinal: I think it's worth mentioning that a mover is added at the center of the red brush, not in the center of the current viewport or something. This caused me a few minutes of thinking "why doesn't my mover show up?"

Seditious: Thanks LionsPhil, that just cured my frustration. I wonder why ConstantLoop acts more like Triggerpound than LoopMove. All I wanted first is a rotating decoration, so I haven't tried the triggered states yet, but UDN's doc is vague about this...

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