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Mychaeel, or commonly called Mych for short. In real life, Michael Buschbeck.

Reachable via [email protected] or [email protected], or sometimes in #utjb or #unrealwiki on irc.enterthegame.com.

Don't write me emails with generic coding or mapping questions. If at all, you will likely get a reply that doesn't go beyond a friendly pointer to BeyondUnreal's Unreal Development forums and the Unreal Wiki. I'm a regular at both places.

If you choose to ignore this warning and send me such an email anyway, at least make sure it's plain text, uses proper spelling and grammar and observes the minimum requirements of common courtesy such as a friendly greeting and a mention of your (nick)name. That still doesn't guarantee that I won't simply ignore it, but the chances are slightly higher that I don't.


Mych said he wants to completely rewrite Jailbreak. And when Mych says "completely rewrite" – duck! Flying code!

: tarquin

My first version code is really ugly. I said this once to Mych, he took a look and said "I see what you mean," which is Mych-speak for "Dear God, man, did you write that or did your cat jump on the keyboard? How could you let such code live? Can't you see it's suffering?"

: tarquin

Started UnrealScripting in early April 2001 with a small mutator called JBPickups for UT Jailbreak. Next was JBMadmen, another small Jailbreak mutator, and cooperation with Daikiki for the Jailbreak 205 patch. Started working on the Screen component and stumbled over the mystery that is replication for the first time, and released the first version of Screen end-April 2001. Got involved in creating UTJB 205 and Jailbreak III and was invited to join 0fus, the creators of Strangelove. Released MeshMaker, a Windows tool for converting UnrealEd prefabs to decorations, in December 2001, and a small actor for Duke Nukem-like cameras called CameraSpot shortly after.


Related Links


  • PlanetJailbreak – home of Jailbreak and its community (UT, UT2003)
  • 0fus – the creators of Strangelove (UT) (link dead as of 03.29.04 –12B)
  • Team Vortex – the creators of Deathball (UT2003)

Tools and Add-Ons

  • UMake – wraps the process of compiling an Unreal project up in a slick user interface (UT, UT2003)
  • Spectate Botmatch – provides botmatch spectating capabilities with some extra goodies (UT2003)
  • Screen – a new dimension in dynamic textures for Unreal mappers (UT)
  • MeshMaker – converts UnrealEd prefabs to decorations (UT)
  • CameraSpot – provides the functionality of Duke Nukem-like surveillance cameras (UT)

More Talk

Read over your compositions, and wherever you meet with a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out.

: Samuel Johnson

  • A Bug's Life – trying to explain why a good bug report should look like what a good bug report looks like
  • Developer Journal – thoughts that popped up during Jailbreak development