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Name is a variable type in UnrealScript. They are used to identify and tag actors, objects, resources and packages in various ways.

Names look like strings in UnrealEd. In UnrealScript, they are enclosed in single quotes rather than double:


Mystring = "string";
MyName   = 'name';


They don't behave like strings though... you can't do much by way of combining them (though it's possible). They are also limited to 31 characters.

Names are stored internally in some sort of table. They are case-insensitive, but case is stored. This produces the "name case jump effect" in UnrealEd:

  1. Type "MyName" in one actor's Tag
  2. Type "myname" in another actor's Tag. When you hit return, you'll see the lowercase "myname" jump to "MyName", because the name was first stored as "MyName".

This effect is a useful confirmation that you've correctly matched names. See Match These Tags for more on this.


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