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UT :: Object (Package: Core)

Object, the root class. All other classes are more or less directly derived from Object.

Object is the parent class of all objects in the Unreal Engine. All of the functions in the Object class are accessible everywhere, because everything derives from Object. Object is an abstract base class, in that it doesn't do anything useful. All functionality is provided by subclasses, such as Texture (UT) (a texture map), TextBuffer (a chunk of text), Class (which describes the class of other objects) or Actor (UT) (basically everything you can see in Unreal/UT levels).

The UnrealScript compiler insists that you specify "extends Object" if you're extending Object, i.e. it does not implicitly extend the Object class if you forget to add it.

See Object for the UT2003 version of this class.


name Name (native, const, editconst) 
The name of this object. The string representation of this value is the same like the last part of the object's string representation.
class Class (native, const, editconst) 
The class of this object. (The class of e.g. class'Botpack.Enforcer' is class'Core.Class', the class of an actual Enforcer actor is class'Botpack.Enforcer'.)
int ObjectInternal[6] (native, private, const) 
Object Outer (native, const) 
This object's parent object, i.e. the object which "contains" this object.
int ObjectFlags (native, const) 


Pi = 3.1415926535897932 
Ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference
MaxInt = 0x7fffffff = 2147483647 
Maximum possible integer value. Minimum integer: ~MaxInt = 0x80000000 = -2147483648

Used for the ObjectFlags property:

RF_Transactional = 0x00000001 
Object supports editor undo/redo.
RF_Public = 0x00000004 
Object can be referenced by external package files.
RF_Transient = 0x00004000 
Object can't be saved or loaded.
RF_NotForClient = 0x00100000 
Don't load the object for game client.
RF_NotForServer = 0x00200000 
Don't load the object for game server.
RF_NotForEdit = 0x00400000 
Don't load the object for editor.


See Built-in Structs (UT).





The Object class contains the declarations for the global functions and operators you can use in UnrealScript.

There are some other important function declarations in the Object class:

BeginState ( ) 
Called when executing the GotoState method right after the object's state has changed.
EndState ( ) 
Called by GotoState right before the state changes. This will also be called when an Actor's Destroy method is used.

Note that states can only be used in subclasses of Actor (UT) and Console.

Known UnrealScript Subclasses

Object (UT)
 +- Actor (UT) >>   (expanded on Actor Class Hierarchy (UT))
 +- Bitmap
 |   +- Texture (UT)
 |       +- FractalTexture
 |       |    +- FireTexture
 |       |    +- IceTexture
 |       |    +- WaterTexture
 |       |        +- WaveTexture
 |       |        +- WetTexture
 |       +- ScriptedTexture (UT)
 +- BrushBuilder
 |   +- Conebuilder
 |   +- CubeBuilder
 |   +- CurvedStairBuilder
 |   +- CylinderBuilder
 |   +- LinearStairBuilder
 |   +- SheetBuilder
 |   +- SpiralStairBuilder
 |   +- TerrainBuilder
 |   +- TetrahedronBuilder
 |   +- VolumetricBuilder
 +- Canvas (UT)
 +- Commandlet
 |   +- HelloWorldComandlet
 |   +- SimpleCommandlet
 +- Console
 |   +- WindowConsole
 |       +- UBrowserConsole
 |       +- UnrealConsole
 |           +- TournamentConsole
 |               +- UTConsole
 +- LevelSummary (UT)
 +- ListItem
 +- Locale – not implemented
 +- Palette
 +- Player (UT)
 +- RenderIterator
 +- Subsystem
 |   +- Engine
 |       +- EditorEngine
 +- TestObj
 +- Time – not implemented
 +- UTExtraKeyBindings
 +- UWindowBase >>
 +- WebApplication
 |   +- HelloWeb
 |   +- ImageServer
 |   |   +- UTImageServer
 |   +- UTServerAdmin
 +- WebRequest
 +- WebResponse

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