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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pickup >> Weapon >> Painter (Package: xWeapons)

The Ion Painter is one of the two super weapons in UT2004 along with its friend, the redeemer. The Ion Painter is actually a two part weapon that links together in order to fulfill its planned purpose. Part one is the transmitter, the gun that the characters actually hold. Its purpose is to tell the large "orbiting" Ion Cannon, the coordinates upon which to fire on.

The transmitter emits a small laser beam that will not affect any of the characters is hit, but if remained stationary for about 3 second, the laser enhances and then cancels. From then on, there is no way to stop the satellite from firing upon the location the gun just marked.

Part two is the satellite. The satellite actually remains motionless in the same position; it cannot be destroyed by any arsenal of the game. The satellite will not be activated until a marked position has been approved by both gun and satellite, meaning that the beam from the Ion Satellite can reach the targeted spot set by the transmitter. It then fires a shower of Ions that explode on target causing the same effect of a redeemer, just a different color.

Tarquin: MIght want to say which class represents the satellite.

How to insert the weapon into your level

To insert a satellite into your map, you can find it under Actor-*IonCannon.

Then insert satellite Cannon in a decent position on your map that has the maximum range desired.

Place Actor-xPickUpBase-xWeaponBase on your map where you want the transmitter to be placed. Bring up its properties and select its xWeaponBase tab and select Painter in the list.

Problems with the Ion Painter

The Transmitter cannot be used in areas that the satellite's beam cannot reach. Since the satellite can only fire in a straight line, walls and roofs will block the path (it is also affected by BSP cuts and static meshes). The satellite will not fire upon a target that cannot be reached from its present location. Therefore it is safe to say that you cannot use the Ion Painter indoors. To see if this problem occurs, the transmitter will not reach its strengthened state.

Since it is a super weapon, the Ion Painter's energy source will be exhausted after one use.

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Category:Legacy Class (UT2004)

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