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FlyingPathNodes are used in UT2004 for navigation of current air-based vehicles. Without these nodes bots will not use these two vehicles.

FlyingPathNodes are placed in your map just like any other kind of path nodes. The following steps are how I approach placing nodes but are by no means the only way but are to be a basic guide.

Creating the FlyingPathNode network

  1. Using the dynamic view window, Add an Actor >> NavigationPoint >> PathNode >> FlyingPathNode. I place my first FPN in my map somewhere along a road or footpath or other open area. You may want to then set the property Display -> Drawscale from a default .40 to a 2. This way my FPNs are easy to find even when I have zoomed high above my map. This is a preference only. You may not want to do this at all or may want to wait until all FPNs are in your map and then select all and increase the drawscale.
  2. Following the flow of the terrain, roads, paths or open areas I space my FPNs out adding two or three at a time. Once I have several nodes in place, I select all and in the sideview window (you may prefer the dynamic window) I raise then up until they are above my meshes, cliffs, or whatever height I want to use as a starting point. Be careful not to raise your FPNs above your StallZ line (StallZ). Rebuild the pathing.
  3. FPNs will have a radius that will tell the bot how to navigate to the next FPN. In the Top View window, do Viewport Caption Context Menu -> Actors -> Radii View. Now select one of your FPNs (here is where the larger drawscale comes in handy), and do Actor Context Menu -> Select All FlyingPathNodes. If you have chosen Radii View, a light blue circle should now appear around each node. This indicates the flight range around that node. For a bot to fly between nodes, hence navigating your map, node radii circles must overlap. If you have radii circles that do not overlap, you will need to add in additional FPNs. Sometimes raising your FPNs will increase the radii, which is directly affected by terrain, bsp and static meshes.


  • If you have large radii circles that overlap several FPNs, you can remove the un-needed ones. Just remember that at least two radii MUST overlap for bots to fly between them. Take a look at some of the stock maps in the editor.
  • Create your flight paths wherever you would like a bot to fly. I generally follow the terrain paths and roads as ground vehicles will use these and are prime targets for fly vehicles. Make sure you flypath to powernodes and cores.
  • I usually vary the height of the FPNs from where the raptor would take off so it has a nice gradual elevation as a normal plane would take off or swoop in. I also vary the height over the map so the raptors in my opinion look more realistic swooping down at cores or swoop down through mountain passes and zooming back up. This is preference and something fun to play with. Bots will do what they like sometimes and will avoid AVRILs making weird aerial maneuvers. Remember your blocking volumes so you don't have flying vehicles flying outta your map.

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SuperApe: Red? Do you mean Radii View?