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Abstraction for non-weapon Inventory (UT) items placed throughout a level. This includes Ammo (UT) and Health as well as powerups and usable items.

See Pickup for UT2003 pickup classes.

Known Subclasses

Pickup (UT)
 +- Ammo (UT)
 +- Amplifier (UT)
 +- Armor (UT)
 +- Dampener (UT)
 +- Flare (UT)
 +- FlashLight (UT)
 +- ForceField (UT)
 +- Health (UT)
 +- Invisibility (UT) – Partial Invisibility for 50 seconds.
 +- JumpBoots (UT)
 +- SCUBAGear (UT)
 +- Seeds (UT)
 +- ShieldBelt (UT)
 +- Suits (UT)
 +- TournamentHealth (UT)
 +- TournamentPickup (UT)
 +- Translator (UT)
 +- VoiceBox (UT)
 +- WeaponPowerUp (UT)