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UT2003 :: Object >> Actor >> Controller >> PlayerController (Package: Engine)

The player controller class determines what the player sees and how Bot players behave, tying in Bot AI functions to control the player Pawn. This class determines what the player sees when in first person view and in third person view and how the "camera" behaves. It handles things like view shaking and the display of fog. There are also handling functions in there for force-feedback events and support for more console commands than you can shake a stick at.


Player Info

player Player (const) 

Player Input Control

bool bLookUpStairs (globalconfig) 
look up/down stairs (player)
bool bSnapToLevel (globalconfig) 
Snap to level eyeheight when not mouselooking
bool bAlwaysMouseLook (globalconfig) 
bool bKeyboardLook (globalconfig) 
no snapping when true
bool bCenterView 

Player Control Flags

bool bBehindView 
Outside-the-player view.
bool bFrozen 
set when game ends or player dies to temporarily prevent player from restarting (until cleared by timer)
bool bPressedJump 
bool bDoubleJump 
bool bUpdatePosition 
bool bIsTyping 
bool bFixedCamera 
used to fix camera in position (to view animations)
bool bJumpStatus 
used in net games
bool bUpdating 
bool bNeverSwitchOnPickup (globalconfig) 
If true, don't automatically switch to picked up weapon
bool bHideSpectatorBeacons 
bool bZooming 
bool bHideVehicleNoEntryIndicator 
bool bAlwaysLevel (globalconfig) 
bool bSetTurnRot 
bool bCheatFlying 
instantly stop in flying mode
bool bFreeCamera 
free camera when in behindview mode (for checking out player models and animations)
bool bZeroRoll 
bool bCameraPositionLocked 
bool bViewBot 
bool UseFixedVisibility 
bool bFreeCam 
In FreeCam mode to adjust the cam rotator
bool bFreeCamZoom 
In zoom mode
bool bFreeCamSwivel 
In swivel mode
bool bBlockCloseCamera 
bool bValidBehindCamera 
bool bForcePrecache 
bool bClientDemo 
bool bAllActorsRelevant (const) 
used by UTTV. DO NOT SET THIS TRUE - it has a huge impact on network performance :
bool bShortConnectTimeOut 
when true, reduces connect timeout to 15 seconds
bool bPendingDestroy 
when true, playercontroller is being destroyed
bool bEnableAmbientShake 
bool bNoVoiceMessages (globalconfig) 
bool bNoTextToSpeechVoiceMessages (globalconfig) 
bool bNoVoiceTaunts (globalconfig) 
bool bNoAutoTaunts (globalconfig) 
bool bAutoTaunt (globalconfig) 
bool bNoMatureLanguage (globalconfig) 
bool bDynamicNetSpeed (globalconfig) 
bool bSmallWeapons (globalconfig) 
bool bWeaponViewShake 
bool bLandingShake (globalconfig) 
bool bAimingHelp (globalconfig) 
bool bEnableStatsTracking (globalconfig) 
bool bOnlySpeakTeamText (globalconfig) 
bool bWasSpeedHack 
bool bIsSpaceFighter 
Hack for spacefighter joystick controls
bool bWasSaturated (const) 
Used by servers to identify saturated client connections
float FOVBias 
float DesiredFOV (globalconfig) 
float DefaultFOV (globalconfig) 
float ZoomLevel 
float DesiredZoomLevel 
EDoubleClickDir DoubleClickDir 
Direction of movement key double click (for special moves)
byte AnnouncerLevel (globalconfig) 
0=none, 1=no possession announcements, 2=all
byte AnnouncerVolume (globalconfig) 
1 to 4
float TextToSpeechVoiceVolume (globalconfig) 
float MaxResponseTime 
How long server will wait for client move update before setting position
float WaitDelay 
Delay time until can restart
Pawn AcknowledgedPawn 
Used in net games so client can acknowledge it possessed a pawn
heads up display info
float LastPlaySound 
float LastPlaySpeech 
Pawn TurnTarget 
int EnemyTurnSpeed (config) 
int GroundPitch 
rotator TurnRot180 
vector OldFloor 
Used by PlayerSpider mode - floor for which old rotation was based.
array<PlayerNameInfo> PlayerNameArray (private, const) 
Security PlayerSecurity 
Used for Cheat Protection
float LoginDelay 
float NextLoginTime 
float ForcePrecacheTime 
float LastPingUpdate 
float ExactPing 
float OldPing 
float SpectateSpeed 
float DynamicPingThreshold (globalconfig) 
float NextSpeedChange 
float VoiceChangeLimit 
int ClientCap 
AnnouncerQueueManager AnnouncerQueueManager 
Handling Announcer Queueing
AnnouncerVoice StatusAnnouncer 
AnnouncerVoice RewardAnnouncer 
float LastActiveTime 
used to kick idlers
Actor CalcViewActor 
optimize PlayerCalcView
vector CalcViewActorLocation 
vector CalcViewLocation 
rotator CalcViewRotation 
float LastPlayerCalcView 
float LastBroadcastTime 
string LastBroadcastString[4] 
float LastSpeedHackLog 
string PlayerOwnerName 
for savegames
ClientAdjustment PendingAdjustment 


bool bEnablePickupForceFeedback (globalconfig) 
bool bEnableWeaponForceFeedback (globalconfig) 
bool bEnableDamageForceFeedback (globalconfig) 
bool bEnableGUIForceFeedback (globalconfig) 
true if a device is detected


bool bVoiceChatEnabled 
Whether voice chat is enabled on this client
bool bEnableInitialChatRoom (globalconfig) 
Enables speaking on DefaultActiveChannel upon joining server
bool bViewingMatineeCinematic 
bool bCustomListener 
bool bAcuteHearing 
Makes playercontroller hear much better (used to magnify hit sounds caused by player)
bool bMenuBeforeRespawn 
Forces the midgame menu to pop up before player can click to respawn
bool bSkippedLastUpdate 
bool bLastPressedJump 
byte AutoJoinMask (globalconfig) 
Contains a bit-mask of which channels to auto-join ( 1 - Public, 2 - Local, 4 - Team )
class<ChatRoomMessage> ChatRoomMessageClass 
array<StoredChatPassword> StoredChatPasswords (globalconfig) 
VoiceChatRoom ActiveRoom 
The chatroom we're currently speaking to
string LastActiveChannel (globalconfig) 
Stores the currently active channel when switching maps
string VoiceChatCodec (globalconfig) 
Which voice chat codec to request in internet games (will only be used if it exists on server)
string VoiceChatLANCodec (globalconfig) 
Which voice chat codec to request in LAN games
string ChatPassword (globalconfig) 
Password for our personal chat room
string DefaultActiveChannel (globalconfig) 
Channel we initially want to make active

Input Bytes

byte bStrafe (input) 
byte bSnapLevel (input) 
byte bLook (input) 
byte bFreeLook (input) 
byte bTurn180 (input) 
byte bTurnToNearest (input) 
byte bXAxis (input) 
byte bYAxis (input) 

Input Floats

float aBaseX (input) 
float aBaseY (input) 
float aBaseZ (input) 
float aMouseX (input) 
float aMouseY (input) 
float aForward (input) 
float aTurn (input) 
float aStrafe (input) 
float aUp (input) 
float aLookUp (input) 

Vehicle Move Replication

float aLastForward 
float aLastStrafe 
float aLastUp 
float NumServerDrives 
float NumSkips 

Vehicle Check Radius

float VehicleCheckRadius 
Radius that is checked for nearby vehicles when pressing use
bool bSuccessfulUse 
Gives PC a hint that UsedBy was successful


int ShowFlags 
int Misc1 
int Misc2 
int RendMap 
float OrthoZoom 
Orthogonal/map view zoom factor.
Actor ViewTarget (const) 
Controller RealViewTarget (const) 
PlayerController DemoViewer 
float CameraDist 
Multiplier for behindview camera dist
range CameraDistRange 
vector OldCameraLoc 
Used in behindview calculations
rotator OldCameraRot 
array<CameraEffect> CameraEffects (transient) 
A stack of camera effects.


vector ListenerLocation 
rotator ListenerRotation 

Fixed Visibility

vector FixedLocation 
rotator FixedRotation 
matrix RenderWorldToCamera 

Screen Flashes

vector FlashScale 
vector FlashFog 
float ConstantGlowScale 
vector ConstantGlowFog 
float ScreenFlashScaling (globalconfig) 

Distance Fog Fading

color LastDistanceFogColor 
float LastDistanceFogStart 
float LastDistanceFogEnd 
float CurrentDistanceFogEnd 
float TimeSinceLastFogChange 
int LastZone 

Remote Pawn ViewTargets

rotator TargetViewRotation 
rotator BlendedTargetViewRotation 
float TargetEyeHeight 
vector TargetWeaponViewOffset 


string Song 
EMusicTransition Transition 

Move Buffering

For network games, clients save their un-acknowledged moves in order to replay them when they get position updates from the server.

SavedMove SavedMoves 
buffered moves pending position updates
SavedMove FreeMoves 
freed moves, available for buffering
SavedMove PendingMove 
float CurrentTimeStamp
float LastUpdateTime 
float ServerTimeStamp 
float TimeMargin 
float ClientUpdateTime 
float MaxTimeMargin 
float TimeMarginSlack (globalconfig) 
Weapon OldClientWeapon 
int WeaponUpdate 

Progess Indicator

Used by the engine to provide status messages (HUD is responsible for displaying these).

string ProgressMessage[4] 
color ProgressColor[4] 
float ProgressTimeOut 

Localized Strings

string QuickSaveString (localized) 
string NoPauseMessage (localized) 
string ViewingFrom (localized) 
string OwnCamera (localized) 


GameReplicationInfo GameReplicationInfo 
VoiceChatReplicationInfo VoiceReplicationInfo 
VotingReplicationInfoBase VoteReplicationInfo 

Stats Logging

string StatsUsername (globalconfig) 
string StatsPassword (globalconfig) 
class<LocalMessage> LocalMessageClass 

View Shaking

Affects roll, and offsets camera position.

vector ShakeOffsetRate 
vector ShakeOffset 
current magnitude to offset camera from shake
vector ShakeOffsetTime 
vector ShakeOffsetMax 
vector ShakeRotRate 
vector ShakeRotMax 
rotator ShakeRot 
vector ShakeRotTime 
float AmbientShakeFalloffStartTime 
float AmbientShakeFalloffTime 
Time taken for shaking to stop after AmbientShakeFalloffStartTime has passed.
vector AmbientShakeOffsetMag 
float AmbientShakeOffsetFreq 
rotator AmbientShakeRotMag 
float AmbientShakeRotFreq 

Components ( Inner Classes )

CheatManager CheatManager (private, transient) 
Object within playercontroller that manages "cheat" commands
class<CheatManager> CheatClass 
Class of my CheatManager
PlayerInput PlayerInput (private, transient) 
Object within playercontroller that manages player input.
class<PlayerInput> InputClass (config) 
Class of my PlayerInput
AdminBase AdminManager (private, transient) 
MaplistManagerBase MapHandler (transient) 
Used by AdminBase
string PlayerChatType 
PlayerChatManager ChatManager 
Manages all chat, speech, and voice messages sent to player
vector FailedPathStart (const) 

Camera Control for Debugging/Tweaking

BehindView Camera Adjustments

rotator CameraDeltaRotation 
The rotator delta adjustment
float CameraDeltaRad 
The zoom delta adjustment
rotator CameraSwivel 
The swivel adjustment


float TeamBeaconMaxDist 
float TeamBeaconPlayerInfoMaxDist 
Texture TeamBeaconTexture 
Texture LinkBeaconTexture 
Texture SpeakingBeaconTexture 
Color TeamBeaconTeamColors[2] 
Color TeamBeaconCustomColor 

Demo recording view rotation

int DemoViewPitch 
int DemoViewYaw 


string MidGameMenuClass (config) 
Menu that is shown when Escape is pressed
string DemoMenuClass (config) 
Menu used for demos
string AdminMenuClass (config) 
Menu that is shown when adminmenu command is used
string ChatPasswordMenuClass (config) 
Menu that appears when attempting to join a chatroom that has a password


Voice Chat

<UScript>;struct StoredChatPassword


var string ChatRoomName;

var string ChatRoomPassword;


Player Names

<UScript>;struct PlayerNameInfo


   var string mInfo;
   var color  mColor;
   var float  mXPos;
   var float  mYPos;



<UScript>;struct ClientAdjustment


   var float TimeStamp;
   var name newState;
   var EPhysics newPhysics;
   var vector NewLoc;
   var vector NewVel;
   var actor NewBase;
   var vector NewFloor;


Native Functions


native final function SetNetSpeed(int NewSpeed);

native final function string GetPlayerIDHash();

native final function string GetPlayerNetworkAddress();

native final function string GetServerNetworkAddress();

native function string ConsoleCommand( string Command, optional bool bWriteToLog );

native final function LevelInfo GetEntryLevel();

native(544) final function ResetKeyboard();

native final private function ResetInput();

native final function SetViewTarget(Actor NewViewTarget);

native final function string GetURLProtocol();

native final function string GetDefaultURL(string Option);

// Execute a console command in the context of this player, then forward to Actor.ConsoleCommand.

native function CopyToClipboard( string Text );

native function string PasteFromClipboard();

native final function bool CheckSpeedHack(float DeltaTime);

native(524) final function int FindStairRotation(float DeltaTime); </UScript>

Native Events


native event ClientTravel( string URL, ETravelType TravelType, bool bItems );

// Validation.

private native event ClientValidate(string C);

private native event ServerValidationResponse(string R);

native event ClientHearSound (

   actor Actor,
   int Id,
   sound S,
   vector SoundLocation,
   vector Parameters,
   bool Attenuate

); </UScript>


ClientSetViewTarget ( Actor A ) 
ReceiveLocalizedMessage( class<LocalMessage> Message, optional int Switch, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_1, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_2, optional Object OptionalObject ) (simulated) 
ClientMessage( coerce string S, optional name Type ) 
TeamMessage( PlayerReplicationInfo PRI, coerce string S, name Type ) 
ProgressCommand( string Cmd, string Msg1, string Msg2 ) 
SetProgressMessage( int Index, string S, color C ) (exec) 
SetProgressTime( float T ) (exec) 
PlayerTick( float DeltaTime ) 
AddCameraEffect( CameraEffect NewEffect, optional bool RemoveExisting ) 
RemoveCameraEffect( CameraEffect ExEffect ) 
PlayerCalcView( out actor ViewActor, out vector CameraLocation, out rotator CameraRotation ) 
ClientOpenMenu( string Menu, optional bool bDisconnect, optional string Msg1, optional string Msg2 ) 
ClientReplaceMenu( string Menu, optional bool bDisconnect, optional string Msg1, optional string Msg2 ) 
ClientCloseMenu( optional bool bCloseAll, optional bool bCancel ) 
StartClientDemoRec() (simulated) 
Called on the client during client-side demo recording.

Related Topics

Class Tree

Controller – Parent class.
  +- AIController – Artificially intelligent agents.
  +- PlayerController – This class.
       +- UnrealPlayer – subclass.


EntropicLqd: Anyone have any preference on what gets covered in PlayerController? I'll do the third person view and first person view functions. Might spend some time figuring out which events a player controller actually does recieve before the Pawn event. The other thing I've started doing is prefixing the class name with the package it's contained within. I know I find it useful, does anyone else? if not I'll drop it.

Chazums Other than as much as possible / relevant, not really :D . Putting in the package name is useful i think, makes it easier to see where the stuff being looked at is.

EntropicLqd: Hmm, I'll do what I can but I don't want to make the page too long. Thanks to Wormbo for fixing my markup ealier :).

EntropicLqd: I wish Tim Sweeny would take a look at this and add a bit of in depth knowledge. So much of it feels like speculation and almost educated guesswork that it makes me uncomfortable. However, the cool thing about it is that this stuff occurs right at the engine level rather than the UT2K3 game level.

Trystan: "Page too long"? Can you give too much knowledge? :D Perhaps begin with as much knowledge as you can shove in here (because I'm looking forward to it as much as Chazums) and then one of us could refactor it for you? It'd be a good test of our understanding of what you're trying to convey, that's for certain. This is mostly a minor note to let you know that there's another person looking forward to this information. :) (I expect you to work all of Thanksgiving on this! :D)

EntropicLqd: It's a good job I'm working on something so dull that it makes my brain want to crawl out of my head and escape screaming then. Thanksgiving? They don't have that where I come from. Too much knowledge is a very dangerous thing. It's wisdom you can never have enough of.

Trystan: Damn global stuff. Sorry, I'm one of those asinine Americans who think that everyone is like them. Chaz is slowly but surely beating that out of me by refusing to be anything American like. I'll learn sooner or later. :)

Chazums Silly Trystan :D . nice work EntropicLqd you've certainly busy. In referance to the code at the end, could it be that it's used for when a bot replaces a client? My other thought is that its creating a duplicate so that the right stuff is displayed on the spectators screen.

EntropicLqd: If we were a bot taking over a player pawn we'd be in the AIController class. Still, nice theory.

EntropicLqd: Chazums & Trystan - is there anything on this page (or the Customising the Player View page) that doesn't make sense or needs further elaboration? I've kind of lost track a bit here.

Pingz: Shouldn't there be a class outline on this page like for all the other classes? You can then move all this content to a page like 'Explaining the PlayerController' or something.

PsychoSk8r: I'm looking to make a new gametype for UT2004 based on direct control of a katana for combat. Naturally, that would be dependant on precise network replication. Would this be possible? I couldn't quite tell from this, and I have often seen where the game will only do rough interpretations of a players action, so I'm not quite sure if it would work.

GRAFIK: You can ask on the Help Desk.

SuperApe: Yes, there should be a class page here. Controller Overview issues belong at Controller Overview. This page needs Property, Function, Event and State definitions.

OlympusMons: Added properties and structs, might want to check it for typo's :P, straight from the source. Removed Class tree already have one in the super.class so I figured its not needed.

SuperApe: Thanks. :) I tidied up a bit. Of the part of the overview that remains here, should it be moved under the class info?

OlympusMons: Maybe we should add a PlayerController Overview it can be similar to the Controller Overview. This should give us some space to fix this page and bring it up to speed. Ok so I moved the stuff hope you guys dont mind.

SuperApe: The second class path box isn't necessary as they have the same path in UT2003 and UT2004. These event declarations really needed the arguements included. If we add some decs and leave out the args, someone will think it's complete. I'm just afraid no one will think to check it and fix it. I think it took me just about as much time as if I had started from scratch. ;) I couldn't find ServerChangeVoiceChatter() or ServerGetVoiceChatters() in UT200x.

OlympusMons: added part of a class tree for easier navigation and fixed a few typos :)

Xian: Can someone please tell me the difference between GetPlayerNetworkAddress() and GetServerNetworkAddress() please? UT had only the latter, and it was server-side... Also, what are GetURLProtocol(), CheckSpeedHack(), ClientValidate() and ServerValidationResponse() for?

I couldn't find any detailed info on them at all :(

Category:Legacy Class (UT2003)

Category:Legacy Class (UT2004)

Category:Legacy To Do – Move overview info to Controller Overview or Controller and add standard class header and properties/methods descriptions. Update class hierarchy, but for only PlayerController subclasses.