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Complex Brushes

Complex brushes are brushes made from the combination of multiple brushes. They are fairly simple to create.

Say you want to have two pyramids that you would like joined at the base into one brush with the spiked ends pointed opposite each other. This can be achieved using these step. Note that these step can be used in many brush combining situations.

  1. line the brushes up and allow their bases to touch together flush.
  2. do a quick rebuild
  3. make the red builder brush large enough that both pyramids can be contained inside of the red builder brush.
  4. with the pyramids inside the red builder brush, do an "intersect brush" command.
  5. the red builder brush will now take the shape of the two pyramids.

Note that the vertices and faces that touch will not be included in the red builder brush, meaning they effectively will not be rendered.


Bean: I made this page because I didn't catch it anywhere else here in the wiki.

Tarquin: maybe rename to "Complex Brushes", or "Making Complex Brushes"?

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