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Polycount is the number of visible polys that the game has to render on-screen.

Use the STAT RENDER command in the UT2003 Console or UnrealEd Console to see polycount.

Use zones and antiportals to for Map optimization.

Polycount limits in Unreal Engine 2

Technically, there is no polycount limit, but current hardware effectively imposes a limit on mappers. However, the polycount in Unreal Engine 2 is a little more complicated than that in Unreal Engine 1, as there are "batched" polygons and "unbatched" polygons. "Batched" polygons are those belonging to static meshes or parts of rigidized skeletal meshes. These draw much faster than "unbatched" polygons which form things like player models.

Current estimates puts the limit at 50,000 polys, though in some areas polycounts of around 200,000 can be observed - these will be mostly "batched" polygons:

I've notice that the built in maps run well with the triangle limit below 50,000 and start running like crap around 75,000 – SlickWilly (from a thread lost in the BU forum crash)

Foxpaw: Around when was the above said? I ask because current hardware may be more advanced, so some indication of when the above determination was made seems appropriate.

Polycount limits in Unreal Engine 1

  • 150-200 for hardware of the day (1999).
  • 300-400 for 2002 hardware

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