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Actor >> Projectile

Game-relevant actors that fly through the level. Generally, things that players shoot at each other, like rockets, grenades and energy bolts.


float Speed 
Initial speed of projectile.
float MaxSpeed 
Limit on speed of projectile. The comments in Projectile may be incorrect: a maxspeed of 0 means just what it implies: the projectile will not move.
float Damage 
Amount of damage contact with projectile inflicts on other actors.
int MomentumTransfer 
Momentum imparted by impacting projectile.
name MyDamageType 
Type of damage inflicted by the projectile.
Note: This is not connected in any way to the DamageType class.
Sound SpawnSound 
Sound made when projectile is spawned.
Sound ImpactSound 
Sound made when projectile hits something.
Sound MiscSound 
Miscellaneous Sound.
float ExploWallOut 
Distance from level geometry explosions are spawned at.
class<Decal> ExplosionDecal 
Decal spawned onto level geometry upon impact.


simulated function ProcessTouch (Actor Other, Vector HitLocation) 
Called by the Touch function when the projectile touches an actor with bProjTarget = True or bBlockActors and bBlockPlayers = True.
simulated function Explode (vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal) 
simulated final function RandSpin (float spinRate) 
Makes the projectile rotate randomly.

Known Subclasses

Grouped by package:


  • Fragment (subclasses used for destroyable Decorations)


  • Arc
  • Arrow
  • BioGel
  • BruteProjectile
  • DispersionAmmo
  • Grenade
  • Plasma
  • Rocket
  • ShellCase
  • SkaarjProjectile
  • SlithProjectile
  • StingerProjectile
  • TazerProj
  • TentacleProjectile

Unreal I

  • BigRock
  • Chunk
  • EnergyBolt
  • FlakShell
  • ForceFieldProj
  • GasBegBelch
  • KraalBolt
  • PeaceRocket
  • RazorBlade
  • Tracer
  • WarlordRocket


  • CannonShot
  • flagslug
  • MTracer
  • PBolt
  • PlasmaSphere
  • Razor2
  • RocketMk2
  • ShockProj
  • TranslocatorTarget
  • UT_BioGel
  • UT_Grenade
  • UT_ShellCase
  • UTChunk
  • UTFlakShell
  • WarShell



McNutcase: Points to note: none of these will actually collision-detect with the firer, apart from the Ripper primary fire. Once they've hit level geomoetry, they will, but until that's happened, you're actually completely safe. This only becomes relevant when playing with recursive WarpZones, but is really rather funny when you do such a thing. The sight of half a dozen tightly clustered rockets passing repeatedly through your chest has to be seen to be believed...

baliame: This may sound somewhat dumb but... who/what is the owner of the projectile? The weapon? The pawn that shot it?

Wormbo: Usually it's the Pawn, but the important variable for scoring and death messages is the Instigator.