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UT :: Actor (UT) >> ParticleSystem >> ParticleEmitter

This class is part of RParticles by Raven

Base class for all Emitters. From every state only NormalParticle is working. It has no replication and it's completly clientside and thus should couse no lag. Working states: TriggerToggle, TriggerTurnsOn, TriggerTurnsOff, TriggerControl and TriggerBlast can be found in ExtendedEmitter. If you want to create wepon effects use WeaponEmitter

Group ParticleEmitter

float BeforeDieSleep 
Time between calling GoToState('DeforeDie') and destroying emitter
bool WaitForParticles 
Should emitter wait till all particle it created dies before it call Destroy function
float WaitPause 
Pause between re-check for existing particles which owenr is Emitter

Group ParticleEmitter

bool bOn 
Is active or not.
bool bPerformanceMode 
Should performance mode be on (NewIntensity/NewIntervall will be used if player is outside VisibilityRadius/can't see emitter).
Burst BurstMethod 
Burst method (See enum Burst below).
vector EffectArea 
Area where particle will be spawned.
float GeneratorLife
Emitter life time (0 = not used).
float Intensity 
How many particles will be spawned in one burst.
float Intervall 
Time between bursts.
bool LineOfSightCheck 
Should emitter stops/go to performance mode if player can't see it.
float NewIntensity 
New intensity (performance mode).
float NewIntervall 
New intervall (performance mode)
blool OneShot 
Emitter will be destroyed after first burst.
int ParticlesLimit 
Number of particles in the emitter.
Select SelectionMethod 
Selection method (See enum Select below)
float VisibilityRadius 
Emitter visibility radius.

Group ParticleTemplate

float NumTemplates 
Number of used templates (can not be 0!!).
Advanced Particle_Advanced[16] 

<+> Advanced variables

bool bUseParticleClass 
can we use custom class
class<BasicParticle> ParticleClass 
custom class


SAnimation Particle_Animation[16] 

<+> Animation variables

texture AnimTextures[60] 
animation textures
int NumOfTextures 
number of textures
bool DefineAnimationStorage 
should animated textures be taken from 'AnimationStorage' class (for coders)
class<ParticleAnimationStorage> ParticleAnimationStorage 
stores animations (for coders)


SBounce Particle_Bounce[16] 
Bounce variables
SBuoyance Particle_Buoyance[16] 
Bouyance variables
SCollision Particle_Collision[16] 

<+> Collision variables

bool ParticlesUseCollision 
particle shoud collide with world and actors?
float ParticleCollisonRadius 
collision radius
float ParticleCollisonHeight 
collision height
bool CollideWithActors 
will collide with actors if true
bool BlockPlayers 
will block players if true
bool BlockActors 
will block actors if true
bool ParticleCollideWorld 
will Collide world
bool DestroyWhenTouch 
will destroy particle when touching an actor
bool DestroyWhenColideWorld 
will destroy particle when touching world geometry (eg walls)
bool DestroyWhenLand 
will destroy particle when land
bool DestroyWhenTouchWater 
will destroy particle when touches water
bool StopWhenTouchWall 
will stop when touches world geometry
bool StopWhenTouchPawn 
will stop when touches pawn
bool StickToWall 
will stick to wall
bool StickToPawn 
will stick to pawn
bool bSpawnLandEffect 
spawn effect when landed
class<actor> LandEffect 
land effect
bool bOverrideWaterEntrySound 
override default water entry sound (if particles_use_collision is false)
sound WaterEntrySound 
water entry sound
bool bOverrideWaterEntryEffect 
override default water entry actor (if particles_use_collision is false)
class<actor> WaterEntryActor 
water entry actor
bool bSpawnEffectOnDestroy 
spawn effect when destroy
class<actor> DestroyEffect 
destroy effect


SDamage Particle_Damage[16] 
Damage variables
SDecal Particle_Decal[16] 

<+> Decal variables

texture ParticleDecalTexture 
texture used for decal
bool ParticleSpawnDecal 
particle will spawn decal (true) when they hit wall
class<decal> ParticleDecal 
decal class
float ParticleDecalSize 
decal size
bool bLimitDecals 
if true, decals will be limited


SDisplay Particle_Display[16] 
Display variables
SFading Particle_Fading[16] 
Fading variables
SGlobal Particle_Global 
Global variables which can be forced to all templates
SLightColor Particle_LightColor[16] 
LightColor variables
SLighting Particle_Lighting[16] 
Lighting variables
SLight Particle_Light[16] 
Light variables
SMain Particle_Main[16] 
Main variables
SPhysics Particle_Physics[16] 
Physics variables
SSize Particle_Size[16] 
Size variables
SSound Particle_Sound[16] 
Sound variables
SVelocity Particle_InvertVelocity[16] 
Advanced velocity variables
SSpawnPlace Particle_EffectArea[16] 
Override default effectarea
SMesh Particle_Mesh[16] 
Mesh related variables. Used if bUseMesh in Particle_Display is true
SDest Particle_Destination[16] 
Optional destination
SRot Particle_RandomRotation[16] 
Random rotation support



in each burst only one template will be used
in each burst many templates will be used


cyclically iterate through the ParticleTemplate
randomly pick a particle from the ParticleTemplate

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