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To be able to follow and understand this tutorial it is important that you understand movers: the basic mover tutorial starts with Create A Mover.

Rotating Door

First lets start with the rotating door. This is a mover, but we don't want it to move to any keyframe, it should keep rotating forever.

First start by crossing two brushes and then intersecting it to create one more complex brush and then add it as a mover in the opening or entrance to another room.

The mover needs the properties listed below:

Object -> InitialState None, TriggerToggle or TriggerOpenTimed
Movement -> Physics PHYS_Rotating
Mover -> MoverEncroachType IgnoreWhenEncroach
Movement -> RotationRate -> Yaw 5000 (though you can set any rotation rate you want and I believe that -5000 is more accurate as it is supposed to rotate counter clockwise)
Movement -> bFixedRotationDir True

Now you have a rotating door that looks like an entrance to any finer hotel.

Swinging Door

The second door, which swings open is almost as easy to create as the rotating one.

The one thing to keep in mind is that a mover is located in the world by its center handle, the pivot (like all brushes and objects).

When a mover move from one keyframe to another it will move the center handle from one position to destination.

Logical enough, if a mover rotate it will rotate around the pivot. This means that if you compare it with a regular door that is stuck to the wall with hinges you need to make sure that the pivot is at this location of the brush.

To create the door brush I first create the door somewhere in open space. Then I create a twice as large (not height) builder cube and place it so the pivot appears where I want the 'new' pivot to be.

As you can see, the 'new' center handle will be placed on the top right corner of the door. Then intersect the brush and you have a mover that can be made to work as a realistic door.

  • Place the door in the opening and then change to keyframe 1.
  • Rotate the door to its 'open' position and then select keyframe 0 again.
  • By default it have "BumpOpenTimed" and the only thing I changed is the encroach type which I set to "IgnoreWhenencroach".

It is impossible to make a door swing either way depending on what direction the player come from.

Simply because a mover move from one keyframe to another in sequence which makes skipping frames impossible.

I'm sure I've seen it done, but it takes some scripting & advanced mojo →Tarquin
Couldnt you just use Elevator mover and set Elevator Trigger on either side of the door to move to a different keyframe? → EternalEpoch

The "IgnoreWhenencroach" will enable the door to open, even though a player stand in the way of it. The player will not be shoved backwards either.

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This page is based in part on BBDrac's tutorial(This link seems dead), with permission.