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UT2003 :: Actor >> Controller >> AIController >> ScriptedController

AIController which is controlling a pawn through a ScriptedSequence specified by an AIScript.


Controller PendingController 
controller which will get this Pawn after scripted sequence is complete.
int ActionNum 
each action in a ScriptedSequence has a number.
int AnimsRemaining 
how many animations are left in an action or sequence.
ScriptedSequence SequenceScript 
the ScriptedSequence the ScriptedController will use.
LatentScriptedAction CurrentAction 
used for action completion queries.
Action_PLAYANIM CurrentAnimation 
the current animation in the sequence.
bool bBroken 
a Target is still in view or not.
bool bShootTarget 
ScriptedAction is an ACTION_ShootTarget or not.
bool bShootSpray 
continue shooting or not.
bool bPendingShoot 
waiting to shoot or not.
bool bFakeShot 
this is currently a hack.
bool bUseScriptFacing 
script is setting or not what the Pawn's focus is.
bool bPendingDoubleJump 
the Pawn can double jump or not.
bool bFineWeaponControl 
bPressFire or bPressAltFire? (ACTION_FireWeaponline45).
Actor ScriptedFocus 
the Actor or Target that the Pawn should be focused on.
PlayerController MyPlayerController 
the Pawn's controller, either a Player or not.
int NumShots 
number of times to shoot before StopFiring.
name FiringMode 
appropriate firing mode, bFire or bAltFire.
int IterationCounter 
number of iterations in an action.
int IterationSectionStart 
where to start the number of iterations.


bool WeaponFireAgain( float RefireRate, bool bFinishedFire ) 
called by Weapon. Returns false to stop firing weapon.
TakeControlOf( Pawn aPawn ) 
lets the script take over the Pawn.
SetEnemyReaction( int AlertnessLevel ) 
used in subclasses such as Bot to determine how to react to enemies.
Pawn GetMyPlayer() 
returns the original Controller of the Pawn.
Pawn GetInstigator() 
returns the Pawn who is causing damage to the Pawn being controlled.
Actor GetSoundSource() 
returns the SequenceScript that has a ScriptedAction that's an Action_PLAYSOUND.
bool CheckIfNearPlayer( float Distance ) 
check if a Player is closer than the Distance passed in and is in view.
clear out any actions remaining in the SequenceScript.
SetNewScript( ScriptedSequence NewScript ) 
set the SequenceScript to the NewScript that was passed in.
clear out any remaining animations.
int SetFireYaw( int FireYaw ) 
set direction to shoot
rotator AdjustAim( Ammunition FiredAmmunition, vector projStart, int AimError ) 
adjusts aiming direction.
leave the SequenceScript and unpossess the pawn


notified when Pawn is at jump apex.




DisplayDebug( Canvas Canvas, out float YL, out float YPos ) 
Scripted sequence is over - return control to PendingController
Calls UnPossess().
Trigger( Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator ) 
if CurrentAction.CompleteWhenTriggered(), calls CompleteAction().
if CurrentAction.WaitForPlayer() and CheckIfNearPlayer(CurrentAction.GetDistance()), calls CompleteAction(). Otherwise if CurrentAction.CompleteWhenTimer(), calls CompleteAction().
AnimEnd( int Channel ) 
if CurrentAction.CompleteOnLIPSincAnim(), call CompleteAction(), else call Pawn.LIPSincAnimEnd().
Calls CurrentAction.ActionCompleted(), sets ActionNum++ and switches to state Scripting.Begin.
Calls LeaveScripting().
bool WeaponFireAgain( float RefireRate, bool bFinishedFire ) 
Notification from weapon when it is ready to fire (either just finished firing, or just finished coming up/reloading). Returns true if weapon should fire. If it returns false, can optionally set up a weapon change.
Tick( float DeltaTime ) 
If bPendingShoot, sets bPendingShoot = false and calls MayShootTarget(). If !bPendingShoot and CurrentAction == None or !CurrentAction.StillTicking(self,DeltaTime), disables Tick().
Calls WeaponFireAgain(0,false).
Sets bUseScriptFacing = true and bFakeShot = false.
Calls InitforNextAction(). If bBroken, switches to state Broken. If CurrentAction.TickedAction(), enables Tick(). If !bFineWeaponControl, if !bShootTarget, sets bFire = 0 and bAltFire = 0, else calls Pawn.Weapon.RateSelf() and if bShootSpray, calls MayShootTarget(). If CurrentAction.MoveToGoal(), calls Pawn.SetMovementPhysics() and WaitForLanding() (and continues through KeepMoving)
(If CurrentAction.TickedAction(), ) Calls SetMoveTarget() and MayShootTarget() and if MoveTarget != None and MoveTarget != Pawn, calls MoveToward(MoveTarget, Focus,,,Pawn.bIsWalking) and if MoveTarget != CurrentAction.GetMoveTargetFor(self) or !Pawn.ReachedDestination(CurrentAction.GetMoveTargetFor(self), goes to KeepMoving. Calls CompleteAction(). Else if CurrentAction.TurnToGoal(), calls Pawn.SetMovementPhysics(), sets Focus = CurrentAction.GetMoveTargetFor(self), if Focus == None, sets FocalPoint = Pawn.Location + 1000 * vector(SequenceScript.Rotation), calls FinishRotation() and CompleteAction(). Else sets Pawn.Acceleration = vect(0,0,0) and Focus = ScriptedFocus, if !bUseScriptFacing, sets FocalPoint = Pawn.Location + 1000 * vector(Pawn.Rotation), else if, Focus == None, calls MayShootAtEnemy() and sets FocalPoint = Pawn.Location + 1000 * vector(SequenceScript.Rotation), calls FinishRotation() and MayShootTarget().

Broken : Broken scripted sequence - for debugging

Sends a warning to the log that the ScriptedScript is BROKEN and gives the CurrentAction. Sets Pawn.bPhysicsAnimUpdate = false and calls Pawn.StopAnimating(). If GetMyPlayer() != None, it calls PlayerController(GetMyPlayer().Controller).SetViewTarget(Pawn).

Known Subclasses

  +- Bot
  |   +- xBot
  |       +- InvasionBot (Epic Bonuspack & UT2004)
  +- MonsterController (Epic Bonuspack & UT2004)
  +- ScriptedTriggerController

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