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This is a Category:Legacy Basic Procedure tutorial page. It explains how to perform a single procedure which is required in many different contexts.


Some class properties hold a reference to a resource: instead of just holding a number or a string value, they point to another object. This can be a texture, a sound, a mesh; or a class or a specific object that exists in the map. For example:

  • AmbientSound holds a reference to a sound
  • Triggers can hold a reference to the class that can activate them
  • Display -> StaticMesh holds a reference to a static mesh to display for the actor
  • Display -> Skin holds a reference to a texture to display


To set one of these properties:

  1. Open the resource browser for the type of resource, eg the Texture Browser
  2. Find and select the resource, eg the texture you want to use
  3. Back in the Actor Properties Window, click in the property field (it's ok to select an actor now, the resource browser still remembers its own selection)
  4. A little Use button appears at the right-hand end of that property's field.
  5. Click on the button. The field should now fill with text.
The resource property is set.


  • You can treat the text that is stored in the resource field like ordinary text: you can copy and paste it to other properties.
  • If you type a short name in the text line and press enter, the editor will attempt to disambiguate it to a full name, i.e., if you were to type S_Chassis, the editor would (probably) change it to StaticMesh'BulldogMeshes.Simple.S_Chassis' for you.
StarWeaver: I assume this works for BulldogMeshes.Simple.S_Chassis and BulldogMeshes.S_Chassis and Simple.S_chassis as well, but I haven't had a chance to test. In any case, I find it much faster to use when it's a resource I use a lot; It's *really* useful when putting together texture shaders and combiners and such.

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