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This is a texture that is used to create a shadow effect. By placing this texture on a projector, and configuring the texture and projector correctly, the appearance of a shadow can be created. Unreal Tournament 2003 uses this texture to create the player shadows that you see below bots and other players. However, the functionality is much more flexible than what is used by default. Don't try to create one of these in UnrealEd - it seems to be impossible. You'll need to create it at runtime from your code. Look at the source of ShadowProjector for an example of how to create one.

NOTE: ShadowBitmapMaterials will only create blob shadows in the software or OpenGL renderers. If you rely on these working right your code will fail miserably on Macs.


Unknown. Probably rendering related.
bool bBlobShadow 
if true, use BlobShadow instead of rendering the shadow of ShadowActor
BitmapMaterial BlobShadow 
texture to use if bBlobShadow is true
float CullDistance 
Unknown. Maybe the distance at which shadow should fade out?
bool Dirty 
If true, the shadow needs to be re-rendered
bool Invalid 
unknown. However ShadowProjector checks this each frame.
vector LightDirection 
world-space unit vector from which light is shining on the actor. This could also be see as the direction to the camera that's rendering this shadow.
float LightDistance 
distance to the shadow camera
float LightFOV 
FOV of the shadow camera
Actor ShadowActor 
actor that is to rendered as a shadow
byte ShadowDarkness 
darkness of the shadow. 0 = not there; 255 = black. Ignored for blob shadows.

See Also

Projector – probably what you'll use this with.

ShadowProjector – Most likely you'll want to subclass this as it takes care of the setup for you.