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Softimage XSI is a professional 3D modeling application created by Softimage.

  • Softimage also provides a free tool for game modding called XSI Mod Tool

XSI Mod Tool:

The SOFTIMAGE|XSI Mod Tool gives you full access to all of the professional character creation features available in the industry's only completely non-destructive character workflow—SOFTIMAGE|XSI. This free game modification utility guides 3D professionals, as well as experienced modders and novices, through all of the features and functionality for building and texturing artwork in XSI and for creating and rigging characters, props, and environmental elements. Use the Mod Tool to mix and blend animations or render interactively and then simply export the models to your game.


Tutorials and Help with XSI

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EricBlade: Anyone know if this free tool can be cajoled into working with Unreal? Looks interesting, but I'm not a HL2 or XNA person.

MythOpus: ActorX is the plugin that converts format X into format Unreal. You can get at one of those links up there.

j$money: You can totally us the XSI Mod tool for Unreal just get the plugin above.