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UT2003 :: Object >> Sound (Package: Engine)

A reference to a sound within a sound package. A list of sound packages and the sound effects within them can be found in UnrealEd's Sound Browser. A common use of the Sound class is:

The Following Example Can Be Used If You Want To Use A Variable:

<uscript> class MyActor extends Actor;

var Sound TheSound;

function SomeFunction() {

 PlaySound( TheSound );


defaultproperties {

 TheSound = Sound 'MySoundPackage.MySoundGroup.MySound'

} </uscript>

The Following Example Can Be Used If You Don't Want A Variable:

<uscript> class MyClass extends MyActor;

  1. exec OBJ LOAD FILE="..\Sounds\MySoundPackage.uax" //This may or may not require you to put this line in.

function SomeOtherFunction() {



DefaultProperties { } </uscript>

For this class in UT see Sound (UT).


Sound Group

float Likelihood (native) 
float BaseRadius 
float VelocityScale 


byte Data[48] (native, const) 
Script comment: "sizeof (FSoundData) :("
Name FileType (native, const) 
String FileName (native, const) 
int OriginalSize (native, const) 
float Duration (native, const) 
int Handle (native, const) 
int Flags (native, const) 

Known Subclasses

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