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Sound design in mapping is literally half the equation. While the visuals of maps get a lot of obvious attention with particles, textures, Movers, etc., sounds can be forgotten. But successful mapper know how to maximize their map's Gameplay through sound.

Actor Sounds

Actor classes have sound support built into them. See also Actor/Sound.

Importing Sounds

Importing custom sounds, like .wav files.

Adding Music to a Map

The music of your level is set via Level Properties.

  1. Access the LevelProperties by doing UnrealEd Main Menu -> View -> Level Properties.
  2. Expand the "Audio" Tab you'll see a "song" section.
  3. Click on it and you'll see 3 little buttons appear.
  4. Click on '...' and you'll go to the Music Browser.
  5. Select your song by clicking on it.
  6. Close the music Browser.
  7. Now go to the song section (in LevelProperties) and click 'Use'.
  8. You should see the title of the song appear in the text area.

If you want your level to have no music (to stress the nice sounds effects for instance) you can leave this tab empty. But the problem is that if you go to the UT menu or the console you'll have the UT Menu Music playing on your level.

To be sure that music will remain absolutely mute you have to create a 'blank' music, import it as a .umx file and select it as your level music.

If you wan't to know more about the music format and how to import your own music go to the FileTypes section.

Sound Related Classes

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