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Special Lit adds another layer of lighting used to isolate lighting to specific surfaces. Surfaces that have the Special Lit flag set only receive lighting from lights that have bSpecialLit set to true. Another way to think of it is Special Lit Lights only affect Special Lit surfaces.

It can make engines or control rooms make look better, surfaces brighter than its surrounding, or saturated color on surfaces. It can be used in any area, including SkyBox items such as mountains. When done right, it is a great effect.

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Olorin: We need a simple exampl ehere. Maybe I'll add it later. I need to get screenshots, but I'm thinking something like this:

  1. open a new map
  2. subtract a cube
  3. add a static mesh
  4. add a light
  5. note how the mesh is being lit by the light
  6. set the light to have bSpecialLit true
  7. note how the mesh does not receive the light anymore
  8. add a second, identical mesh
  9. note how the two meshes receive no light
  10. set the second mesh to be specially lit
  11. note how the second mesh is now receiving the light from the light.

Then we could have more stuff, like showing how two lights can be used to simulate the light off of a static mesh, while at the same time having the mesh glow (with one light having SpecialLit true and the other false).