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This page is the reference for the menubar in the Static Mesh Browser window.

See UnrealEd Menus for other menus.


Open static mesh packages. The browser should automatically goto UT\StaticMeshes directory.
Allows you to save a static meshpackage. Note: Do not alter default packages that come with the game.
Allows you to import a static mesh from an ASE or LWO file.


Deletes selected static mesh.
Allows you to rename the selected static mesh.
Load entire package
Loads the entire content of a package that was partially loaded because it is referenced by a map or another package.
Add to level
Adds the selected static mesh to the map.
Create from selection
Creates a new static mesh fro mthe selected brush(es).
Prev/Next Group 
Scrolls through sub-groups within a package.
Copy Karma properties to clipboard


dock or undock this window from the master browser
Show Collision
Toggles displaying collision boxes.
Show Karma Primitives
Show Karma Mass Properties
Auto-Frame Selection

Collision Tools