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Actor >> Pawn (UT) >> StationaryPawn >> TeamCannon
Actor >> Pawn (UT) >> StationaryPawn >> TeamCannon >> MinigunCannon

The TeamCannon actor can be placed in any map to act as an automatic cannon for that "belongs" to one team. Usually, the TeamCannon is placed on the ceiling1, as the mesh extends an arm downward to fire out of.

To set up a TeamCannon there are a few properties that need to be set. Once the actor is placed, right-click it and bring up its properties window. Expand TeamCannon. These are some properties you might want to set:

Sound that is played both when the cannon sees an enemy and activates and when it deactivates. I'm not sure what DeActivateSound is. To change the Activate Sound click on it and click the ellipses button "..." to open the sound browser. Select a sound, return to the properties window, and click "Use".
Sound that is played when the cannon is "killed". Note that the cannon enters an inactive state and emits smoke. After 15 seconds, it is restored to its default health. The only way to destroy a cannon is to telefrag it.
If true, the cannon will attempt to calculate where the target will be when the Projectile (UT) hits and lead the target. If false it will simply fire straight at the target.
Sound played when the cannon fires a shot. Edit it the same way as ActivateSound.
The most important of all the fields, this is the team that the cannon belongs to. The cannon will attack players from every other team besides this one. If you would like a cannon that fires at all players, set it to a team that has no players. In a CTF game, for instance, this would be "2".
Message that is displayed in white whenever a player is killed by the cannon. It is always preceded by the name of the player that is killed.
Type of shot that the cannon will fire. To change it follow the same procedure as changing a sound except that the "..." button will take you to the actor browser where you can select a type of Projectile (UT) to be fired.

The MinigunCannon is a subclass of TeamCannon that works just a bit differently. It has a different appearance, and it has a firing mechanism similar to that of UT's minigun. This actor had to be made a subclass of TeamCannon because it does not fire a projectile, in the strictest sense of the phrase. This actor has no new properties to deal with, but some of the properties it inherited from TeamCannon are irrelevant.


Beppo has scripted another type of Cannon, one that can be controlled by either a user or a NPC. The name of this SpecialControlCannon and this can also be used under UT. It's behaviour is similar to a controllable stationary gun in Half-life. This is a Third-Party script, which means you have to find it and install it yourself.