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This page will demonstrate how to set up a teleporter system in a map.


It's not that hard to set up a Teleporter right, as long as you know how. Some useful reading before you start:


The basic thing to bear in mind is the following properties of the Teleporter actor:

  • Events -> Tag sets the "address" of this teleporter
  • Teleporter -> URL sets the place this teleporter will send things to


Set up some space for two teleporters; maybe two room connected by a corridor or a single long room. Then,

  1. Add an Actor >> NavigationPoint >> SmallNavigationPoint >> Teleporter to each room.
  2. Match these tags:
    • First teleporter: Teleporter -> URL
    • Second teleporter: Events -> Tag
  3. The first teleporter will now teleport to the second: we have a one-way system set up. To make the system work both ways, match these tags too:
    • First teleporter: Events -> Tag
    • Second teleporter: Teleporter -> URL

Teleporters can be confusing, because they act as destinations and departures. The Tag property of a teleporter sets its name. The URL property gives the name of the destination this teleporter will send things to.


  • To check you haven't got the tags the wrong way round, select BOTH teleporters and look at their properties. Both the URL and the Tag boxes should be empty – because the properties are different. If they're not empty, it's because they match, which is wrong.
  • Add a PlayerStart and test your map. If it doesn't work, I've really messed up or you haven't followed this tutorial.

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