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Assuming that you've already read the Teleportation Basics tutorial, here's how to get the visual effect seen in UT's CTF-Face. Do as in the basic teleporter tutorial and come back here.

Select the Teleporter's actor properties and set:

Advanced -> bHidden True
Display -> bUnlit True
Display -> DrawType DT_Sprite
Display -> Skin [[Texture Topics pick a texture]] you like from SpaceFX.utx – in the Texture Browser, open SpaceFX.utx and select. Go back to the ActorProperties and press the 'Use' button next to Display -> Skin. "But no, I must have done something terribly wrong... It's black all around the thing I want :(" Don't worry...
Display -> Style STY_Masked
Display -> Drawscale to something else, if it's too big



Ars-Magna: Any special reason why the above text is stated twice? It's confusing, especially to n00bs like me. Can I delete it?

Tarquin: Done

Mythopus: Well, this is liek the teleporters of CTF-Face however this is not how it is done on the map. He used the TorchFlame and then changed the Texture (UT) ( NOT The Skin) of it to a texture from SpaceFX.utx and then he changed all the settings metntioned above and then you add a favoriteteleporter in the center of the TorchFlame and then you set the Teleporter properties as you see fit. Am I Right?

Legal: Almost. But I think this method is alot smoother and easier.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Using the visibleteleporter class will not create desired effects. When you do the same thing, in gameplay, you will see that ugly blue swirl thing in the middle of the sprite and/or mesh.

Mythopus: Ah, I See :D

Legal: That's not entirely true, if you set a visible teleporter's DrawType to DT_None, or simply remove Mesh you'll have it invisible. You can also set Advanced -> bHidden to True for the same effect. Or, change the mesh to something else, set the skin to a nice blue tex, Style to Transculent and you've got... I don't know, but it looks neat :p Play with the Ed, make friends with the G0bl1n!

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Copy and paste this visible teleporter into UED2.0 (the editor that came with the original UT). Then play the level when you have a player start actor in the map. You will see a swirl-thing around the man-with-arrow texuture around it.

<uscript> Begin Map Begin Actor Class=VisibleTeleporter Name=VisibleTeleporter0


End Actor End Map </uscript>

Legal: Ok, you've got to set Advanced -> bHidden to True.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: it wont show that man thing without bHidden equal to false. That is what i want to be showed, not that blue thing. You cannot get rid of the blue thing if you use a visible teleporter.

Legal: I'll check when I get home then :)

ViKTiM I found it was easier to set them up like on CTF-Gauntlet, its a teleporter(nonvisable) with a barrel(from the decorations) with the mesh changed and the skin too :) check it out

EntropicLqd: I always do it that way as well. It allows for absoloute control at the cost of a tiny bit of complexity (additional actors to manage).