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Everyone who starts mapping with UnrealEd inevitably runs into the texture alignment problem on curved surfaces. Confronted with the problem, we usually turn to an editing forum only to be told the bad news: "You have to do it manually using the multi-pan technique". Once you figure it out, its saves a bit of time but the process can still be painfully slow. The best thing about the utility is that it communicates directly with UnrealED so you don't have to manually enter anything on the Alignment tab, TextAlign does it all for you!

Verson 2, now provides Pillar Wrap, Bevel Scale, Floor Scale & Texture Skew & comes with a tutorial showing you how to use the Texture skew, which is the least intuitive of the alignment options.

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SabbathCat: Download link is broken at the moment, have mailed Fordy. Looks like a neat tool :D

SabbathCat: Download link worked in the end after 20 or so Refreshes, I guess that's just fileplanet being busy, I've tried downloading this on and off over the last couple of weeks, ack. Anyone getting a 404 on fileplanet, wait 5 minutes, then try again. :)

Dush: found another mirror with google (some clan site, but I don't know them) http://www.members.shaw.ca/marsclan2k3/marsdzips/uedtools/texalign2.zip

SuperApe: Copied text from Fordy's site for main description. Perhaps this page should be renamed to TextAlign instead of TexAlign.