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UT2003 :: Object >> Material >> Modifier >> TexModifier >> TexEnvMap (Package: Engine)

A TexEnvMap is used to create environment maps from e.g. Cubemaps.


ETexEnvMapType EnvMapType 

Inherited from TexModifier

ETexCoordCount TexCoordCount 
bool TexCoordProjected 

Inherited from Modifier

Material Material (editinlineuse) 
The material to use for the environment map.From IR




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From #unrealed at irc.enterthegame.com (i.e. Category:Legacy Refactor Me)

[12:53:29] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> an eviromental map is basicly a steady cube map, a sky box is good example off a enviromental texture (if you would remove the sky box and have it just as a texture)

[12:53:54] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> the 3d and 4d coord have something to do with how the texture is displayed

[12:55:19] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> projected textures basicly make the texture projected on the model rather then just having it as a texture, this can solve some lighting problems on player models or meshes

[12:56:33] <Wormbo> I can see a difference between 2D and 3D/4D but none between 3D and 4D

[12:56:42] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> the difference between the 3d and 4d is that the 3D actualy uses the cube and rotates it acording, the 4D does this is a bit different way

[12:56:51] <@CaSC|Sleepzorzin> lil hard to explain, best way is to see for your self


[12:58:45] <@CaSCaDe> the 4d Coords are required if you would want yo use cellshaders

[12:59:16] <@CaSCaDe> 4d projected texture

[12:59:27] <@CaSCaDe> ill give you an exemple

[12:59:30] <@CaSCaDe> hold on

[12:59:53] <@CaSCaDe> http://www.bart.ahk.nl/ut2/other/CellShade.jpg?link

[13:00:07] <@CaSCaDe> in ued it will look like that no mater what you selected

[13:00:11] <@CaSCaDe> (3d or 4d)

[13:00:19] <@CaSCaDe> but ingame it will fuxxorz them up

[13:00:37] <@CaSCaDe> http://www.bart.ahk.nl/ut2/other/Shot00062.jpg?link << this is what you get when you do it properly

[13:00:48] <@CaSCaDe> i dont have a pic off a wrong one, soz

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