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UT2003 :: Object >> Material >> Modifier >> TexModifier >> TexRotator (Package: Engine)

This modifier rotates a given source material around the specified offset coordinates. Note that non-square textures will get deformed a bit to fit into the new shape. (Hard to describe, but you'll see it when you try it.)


TexRotator Group

ETexRotationType TexRotationType 
The type of rotation applied. (fixed, constantly rotating, oscillating)
rotator Rotation 
The amount by which the texture is rotated. Yaw rotates as you would expect. Pitch and Roll rotate it "out of canvas plane".
float UOffset
float VOffset 
Texture coordinates the material is rotated around.
rotator OscillationRate 
rotator OscillationAmplitude 
rotator OscillationPhase 


bool ConstantRotation (deprecated) 
Use TexRotationType=TR_ConstantlyRotating instead.



Rotation specifies a fixed rotation applied to the material.
Rotation specifies a rotation rate applied to the material.
OscillationRate, OscillationAmplitude and OscillationPhase are used to create an oscillating rotation.

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Moofed: If you want to make a rotated texture not wrap around at the edges (for example, when rotating a crosshair), set the texture's UClampMode and VClampMode properties to TC_CLAMP rather than TC_WRAP.