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The following applications have proven useful for UnrealScript code authoring. Check the Legacy:Text Editor/Feature Matrix for a direct comparison of those text editors' features.

  • Boxer – Full-featured programmer's editor with user configurable syntax highlighting.
  • ConTEXT – Free full featured text editor.
  • EditPlus
  • Emacs – Now has an unrealscript mode.
  • jEdit – Open source code editor, with UnrealScript syntax highlighting.
  • Proton – Free text editor with syntax highlighting for many languages.
  • TextPad – All-purpose text editor, with syntax highlighting for most languages including UnrealScript.
  • UCEditor – An IDE for UnrealScript as a plugin for eclipse.
  • UltraEdit – Hex/text editor with syntax highlighting/ctags support and more.
  • UPad – A small editor with syntax highlighting.
  • Vim – Vi IMproved! The best VI clone with built-in UnrealScript syntax highlighting and ctags support.
  • VisualUC – Graphic interface tool for editing and compiling scripts.
  • WOTgreal – WOTgreal, the editing tool for the Unreal® Engine. An All-in-One IDE for writting, compiling, and running UnrealScript.
  • Zeus – A fully scriptable, highly configurable IDE offering syntax highlighting, project management, integrated version control, code folding, seamless FTP/SFTP editing.

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