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ConTEXT jEdit EditPlus TextPad Proton UltraEdit UPad UCEditor Vim VisualUC WOTgreal/UDE
Syntax Highlighting yes (limited to one custom) yes (built-in) yes yes yes yes yes (only built-in) yes (built-in) yes yes yes (built-in)
Line numbering yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ? ? yes
Code folding/collapsing no yes no no no yes no ? ? ? no
Column select yes yes yes yes ? yes no ? ? ? yes
Bookmarks yes yes no yes ? yes no ? ? ? yes
Workspaces yes ? yes yes ? yes no ? ? ? yes, depends on license
Custom tools 10max yes yes 64max ? yes no ? ? ? yes
Console output capturing yes ? yes yes ? yes no ? ? ? yes
Macros keystroke recordings programmable keystroke recordings keystroke recordings ? yes no ? ? ? programmable & keystroke recordings
Tabbed windows yes yes yes yes yes yes no ? ? ? yes
Search & Replace yes yes yes yes ? yes only Search ? ? ? yes
Find in files ? yes yes yes ? yes no ? ? ? yes
Regular Expression ? yes yes yes ? yes no ? ? ? yes
Function list/jump no ? yes no ? yes no ? ? ? very advanced
Version Control System no plug-in no ? no ? no ? ? ? professional version and UDE only
Price free free (GPL) $30 (shareware) $29 (shareware) freeware $40, 45 days free trial ? free (CPL) free (GPL) free $25 (basic), $45 (pro) (shareware); UDE is free

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El Muerte TDS: please complete

pgibbs: If you look at http://www.wotgreal.com/Navigation/register.cfm, you'll see apparently you get "Limited" workspace support for the shareware version of WOTgreal, so i've changed the matrix to reflect this.

TikaKino: I use UltraEdit quite a lot, so I've added all the features I could find.

pgibbs: WOTgreal is being shipped with UT2004 (as a replacement for that IDE that it comes with)

Escher0: WOTgreal did not ship with UT2004

Harmeister: You're right, technically it shipped afterward under a different name (the UDE), but it was *supposed* to ship with it. You can download it now in anycase

Blue Ion: "You can download it now in anycase" for free... Maybe the "Download from Third-Party site" meant the UDN for download the UDE (not WOTgreal).

I don't know If it is necessary an other column since they are the same (change it if I'm mistaken)