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Thievery UT, a Thief-based Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament.

For those who never played Thief, this means: you play a thief, who has to sneak trough the shadows and fulfill some objectives (usually steal stuff), or you play a guard with havier armor and weapons who has to keep the thieves from acomplishing their goals.

This is absolutely NOT another deathmatch-type game. The gameplay is a bit similar to CounterStrike, what with teams and objectives, but (at least on the Thief team side) even less fight-inclined. You're actually rewarded points for not killing guards.

As of the guard side, it's a bit more similar to the usual "find-em-and-kill-em", but of course with differences. You can give orders to the AI, and camping is actually an accepted gaming strategy.

Unfortunately the mod (TC actually) uses Native Coding, so it's windows-only for now (unless I can get Native Coding on Linux working).

(this review by Lalo, so flame him)

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