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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pickup >> TournamentPickup (Package: XPickups)

A non-placeable parent class for Pickups.

Source Code

As you can see, TournamentPickup gets the vast majority of it's functionality from it's parent, the Pickup class. This code is commented for learning.

<uscript> //============================================================================= // TournamentPickup. //============================================================================= class TournamentPickup extends Pickup; // the class (TournamentPickup) and it's parent (Pickup)

// The special effect that you see when the object respawns. function RespawnEffect() { spawn(class'PlayerSpawnEffect'); }

defaultproperties { bAmbientGlow=true // true or false, is there an ambient glow? MessageClass=class'PickupMessagePlus' // the message class for putting messages on-screen } </uscript>

Known Subclasses

  +- TournamentHealth
  +- AdrenalinePickup
  +- UDamagePack
  +- ShieldPickup