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It looked like you may have some question as to whether an arena can support a translocator, so I hope you don't mind me putting this in here.

<uscript> //================================================================================ // ZarkArena mod for Zark Assault Rifle. By {BL}Ticklemonster // Thank you {KzK}Ace and {BL}GypsyAngel //================================================================================ class ZarkArena extends Arena;

function ModifyPlayer(Pawn Other) { DeathMatchPlus(Level.Game).GiveWeapon(Other,"ZarkRifle199v2.AssaultRifle");

if ( NextMutator != None ) NextMutator.ModifyPlayer(Other); }

function bool CheckReplacement (Actor Other, out byte bSuperRelevant) { if ( Other.IsA('TournamentHealth') || Other.IsA('UT_ShieldBelt') || Other.IsA('Armor2') || Other.IsA('ThighPads') || Other.IsA('UT_invisibility') || Other.IsA('UDamage') ) { return False; } return Super.CheckReplacement(Other,bSuperRelevant); }

function bool AlwaysKeep(Actor Other) { local bool bTemp;

if ( Other.IsA('Translocator')) return true;


defaultproperties {


} </uscript>

I came here seeking information on enhanced items, and why it is that I can't compile the redeemer2k3 now that I made some slight tweaks to it. I keep getting told that SUPERCLASS ENHANCEDPROJECTILE OF CLASS R2K3_WARSHELL NOT FOUND. Haven't found an answer yet, but anyway, there's the translocatorfied arena mute.